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Extending the routing system
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Just replace the <query> in the URI with the filter that you want to run server-side. Again, you can modify the console application in listing 12.4 to use this URI. When the query is executed, all entities that match the query will be returned in Atom XML format, as in listing 12.5.
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SQL Azure and relational data
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Ordering and Joining |
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compile-jsp: [mkdir] Created dir: C:\AntBook\app\webapp\build\jspc\classes [mkdir] Created dir: C:\AntBook\app\webapp\build\jspc\java [jspc] Compiling 9 source files to C:\AntBook\app\webapp\build\jspc\java [javac] Compiling 9 source files to C:\AntBook\app\webapp\build\jspc\classes BUILD SUCCESSFUL Total time: 29 seconds
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.setParameter(1, searchString) .setParameter(2, minDate, TemporalType.DATE);
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We captured all the join points occurring outside the body of the aspect itself. The !within(JoinPointTraceAspect) method captures all the calls, the execution, the set, the get, and so forth outside the JoinPointTraceAspect. Such exclusion, a common idiom, is discussed in detail in chapter 8. For now, just know that it prevents infinite recursion. The before advice runs just before the execution of each advised join point. The call depth is the level in the execution stack of method calls. We use the call depth to get the indentation effect by printing additional spaces corresponding to the call depth before each print statement; this helps us to better understand the output. In the advice body, we increment the call depth to indicate that we are going one level deeper into the call stack. Then we print the thisJoinPoint object, which contains the text representation of the captured join point. The after advice runs just after the execution of each advised join point. For the call depth, we perform the opposite action to the one we did in the before advice, since we are now going one level up in the call stack. Just as in the before advice, we print the thisJoinPoint object.
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If you don t package entities in the WEB-INF/classes, then you don t have to package persistence.xml and the optional orm.xml in the WAR file. The entities.jar packaged in our example contains entities.
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public class PersonService { private PersonDao personDao; public PersonService(PersonDao personDao) { this.personDao = personDao; } public Person getValidatedPerson(Integer personId) { Person person = personDao.getPerson(personId); validateAgainstPublicSystems(person); validateAgainstPrivateSystems(person); validateAgainstInternalSystems(person); return person; } }
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.net datamatrix dll
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callback interface
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The onRequestComplete function is called with two parameters. The first, executor, is of type Sys.Net.WebRequestExecutor, and contains all the information about the status of the asynchronous request. The second, eventArgs, is always set to Sys.EventArgs.Empty an object that represents the absence of event arguments.
Simple Arithmetic Operators (+, , *, /)
from a file (or file handle) and return a list of piddles, one for each column. Unfortunately, it isn t possible to make rcols read from the internal DATA file handle as we did in the read_matrix() subroutine in the previous section, so we will have to be satisfied without a default matrix for this program. To create a kernel matrix out of the separate columns, they are concatenated together with cat(). However, the resulting matrix has its rows and columns swapped, which can be remedied by using xchg() to exchange the first and second dimensions.
queryForPaginatedList( "Product.searchProductsWithProductSearch", productSearch, PAGE_SIZE);
>set ENABLE_CLDC_PROTOCOLS=true >e:\midp-fcs\bin\midp.exe -classpath e:\midp-fcs\classes;.\io.jar com.ctimn.MsgListener
One way to solve this problem on a mobile device is to run the chat client in the background even after the user has exited the application. This allows the chat client to periodically ping the server to check whether the user has received any new chat messages. Systems such as Windows Mobile take this approach and give the user complete control over running applications. The downside of this is it requires a task manager type program to let users kill any applications running in the background that are no longer needed. If the user doesn t do this regularly, these applications accumulate and eat up the phone s memory, causing poor performance overall. Because most mobile devices have limited system memory, it s imperative that the application in use have as much free memory as it needs. The only way to make this happen is to kill every application s process immediately after the user exits it. That way, when the user runs another application, it doesn t have to compete with other running applications for memory. This is the approach taken by the iPhone and iPad. On the iPhone and iPad, only applications created by Apple have the ability to run in the background. Some of these applications include Mail, Phone, and Safari. Up until the iPhone OS 3.0, applications had no way of notifying the user of new information without them being run by the user. The elegant solution that Apple came up with is called a push notification. A push notification is a simple message that originates at a push provider, containing information related to a specific program. These messages can contain any number of things, including a message, a sound file to play, a badge count, and any custom key-value pair needed for an application. Figure 16.1 shows an example of what a push notifi- Figure 16.1 Example of a push notification cation might look like for an application. As you can see in the figure, the push notification looks similar to a text message. It contains a title, a message, and two buttons. The title is the title of the application that the push notification is related to. When the user taps the View button, the iPhone opens the application that invoked the push notification. In this case, a program called pushtest is launched. In addition to showing this message, the badge number of the pushtest icon is set to the number 2, as shown in figure 16.2. It should become apparent how this approach solves the issue of background processing for most applications. In the case of an instant message program, users can opt to stay online via the chat server. That way, they can exit the application and the server can push notifications any time they receive a new chat message. Users don t have to waste system memory having their chat client run in the background, pinging the server for new messages. Push notifications are simple to include in your applications, because little code is required. One chal- Figure 16.2 The pushtest icon lenge is the fact that in addition to enabling your with a badge count of 2
Listing 5.17 Define a custom Worker implementation
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