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Just like its parent control, the ScriptManagerProxy has a collection of script and service references. Think of the ScriptManagerProxy as an extension of the ScriptManager control: The influence and settings of the ScriptManager control can be extended to content pages, user controls, and more. At runtime, the settings are merged for each page accordingly. The key purpose of the ScriptManagerProxy is to add references that weren t included with the ScriptManager. This situation occurs most commonly when you re working with master pages. We ve been laying the groundwork by adding support for the Ajax framework and dropping in the ScriptManager control to deploy JavaScript files. Now we can address those dreaded postbacks and start enhancing the overall user experience. We ll return to the ScriptManager later in the chapter when we discuss error handling.
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static void Main(string[] args)
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By using Content controls, you can specify sections of content to be placed in different areas on your page. The master page defines the various ContentPlaceHolders you can use. As you can see, you can change the title of the page without having to hard-code it in the master page B. The view has some form fields, so we need a <form> tag. Unlike Web Forms, ASP.NET MVC doesn t create any implicit forms for you. We create a simple form that posts to the URL /GuestBook/Sign C. This action doesn t exist yet, but we ll create it in just a minute. In the form, we have some HTML helpers that generate form controls for us D. For now, just know that these output the HTML required for each element, but they have some friendly functionality to deal with validation errors and automatic binding of data.
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' ----- Bring the patron record up-to-date. sqlText = "SELECT ID FROM PatronCopy WHERE Returned = 0 " & _ "AND Missing = 0 AND DueDate < " & DBDate(Today) & _ " AND (ProcessDate IS NULL OR ProcessDate < " & _ DBDate(Today) & ") AND Patron = " & patronID dbTable = CreateDataTable(sqlText) For Each dbRow In dbTable.Rows DailyProcessByPatronCopy(CInt(dbRow!ID), Today) Next dbRow dbTable.Dispose( ) dbTable = Nothing
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to create is conceptually much more complex than our first simple Atlas example which added two date values to produce a result, this example still goes through the same set of logical actions to perform its behavior. Namely. in this example we will
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public class TradingMode{ private static TradingMode instance=null; public int mode;
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Exercise 2-4. In this exercise, you re combining the assignment you did in Exercise 2-3 with the DropDownList control you learned about earlier. When you create the drop-down list, either with the ListItem editor, or by hand, you assign the ISBN number to the Value property of the ListItem. That way, when the user makes a selection, the user never sees the ISBN number, but it appears in the output anyway. You can see how this would be useful for a database, so that you can hide your internal system from the users, but still allow them to choose by title. The only twist for this exercise is that it lacks a Submit button. Therefore, to get the postback, you have to set the DropDownList control s AutoPostBack property to true, so that the page posts back every time the user makes a selection. That means you have to put the event handler in the Load event for the page, just as you did in the Postbacks example in this chapter. The event handler works a bit differently than in Exercise 2-3:
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Add this code to Form1.cs:
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Almost every component uses another component or resource to implement functionality. The primary goal of dependency injection (DI) is to make component interdependencies as loosely coupled as possible. In real terms, this means that one component should call another component or resource only through an interface and that components and resources should be glued together using configuration instead of code. As a result, component implementations can easily be swapped out as necessary simply by reconfiguring the application. If you ve used JNDI extensively in EJB 2, you ll appreciate how much this means. We won t talk about JNDI very much here since in most cases you can get away without knowing anything about it. If you don t know about JNDI and are curious to learn more, we discuss it in some length in appendix A. Figure 2.1 shows the difference between manual JNDI lookups and DI. In a sense, injection is lookup reversed. As you can see, in the manual JNDI lookup model, the bean explicitly retrieves the resources and components it needs. As a result, component and resource names are hard-coded in the bean. With DI, on the other hand, the container reads target bean configuration, figures out what beans and resources the target bean needs, and injects them into the
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When compared to its last-generation competitors, the iPhone produces an internet experience that is more usable, better integrated, and more constant than the standard mobile experience. The improvements in usability stem from the innovative specifications that we ve already seen for input, output, and networking. On the input side, you no longer have to use a last-generation scrolling wheel to painfully pick your way through links up and down a page. On the output side, pages are displayed cleanly and crisply without being broken into segments, thus allowing for a faster, more pleasant web experience. Finally, for networking, you have the relatively good speed of the EDGE or 3G network combined with the ability to use lightning-fast local-area networks whenever possible. When compared to last-generation phones plagued by molasses-like internet connections, the change is striking. With such a strong foundation, Apple took the next step and integrated the internet into the whole iPhone experience in a way that last-generation cell phones failed to do. The iPhone includes a variety of standard programs such as a YouTube interface, a stock program, a maps program, and a weather program that all provide seamless, automatic access to the internet. In addition, the SDK provides simple access to the internet for original applications. All this functionality is supported by a constancy of internet access that is unlike anything the smartphone industry has ever seen. Supplementing its wi-fi access, an iPhone can access the internet through cheap add-on data plans. These plans allow for unlimited data transfer via the web and email. Thus, users never have to think about the cost of browsing the web. The end result is an always-on internet that, as we ll see, is another of the elements that makes the iPhone truly unique. The Apple iPhone has brought mobile internet browsing out of the closet, a fact that is going to result in notable changes to current mobile web standards.
Making asynchronous network calls
might be fine for general practice, but it wouldn t work so well for the emergency room.
XmlDocument tmp = new XmlDocument(); Stopwatch watch = new Stopwatch(); watch.Start(); tmp.Load(this.OpmlPath); watch.Stop();
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