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Figure 15.1 ActionBazaar built a web service and registered it in the UDDI registry. A client application searches the registry to find the service. The registry returns the WSDL registered by the service, and uses the WSDL to invoke the web service.
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session.createCriteria(Item.class) .createAlias("seller", "s") .add("", "" ) );
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Working with ASP.NET Web Services
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As noted before, whether you add the map using Interface Builder or with code is up to you. It depends completely on your preferences and organizational technique. The following example demonstrates how to add an MKMapView to your view controller s view using code:
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File which must be present in the file system to set the given property. [File] Path to use when looking for a file. [Path] Sets whether the search for classes should ignore the runtime classes and just use the given classpath. [Boolean] Name of the property that will be set if the particular resource is available. [String] Name of a Java resource which is required to set the property. [String] Sets what type of file is required. [file, dir] Value given to the property if the desired resource is available. [String] Classpath to be used when searching for classes and resources. [Path] Path to search for file resources. [Path]
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Using LINQ with SQL
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<many-to-many> mapping to create a literal join condition from the association read code39
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System.Web.Mvc.dll doesn t need to be in the bin folder if the MVC2 installer has been run on the target server.
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A good Fraction class would, no doubt, implement all the arithmetic operators (addition, subtraction, multiplication, division). To overload the multiplication operator, you would write operator*; to overload the division operator, you would write operator/.
access control), and secure communication. Enterprise applications handle these three areas with different mechanisms. For instance, users are presented with a JSP form and must enter a username and password (authentication); EJBs map users to security roles in order to access business methods (access control); and the application server provides a secure socket layer (SSL) for communication. EJBs are best suited for handling access control of clients. The EJB specification describes a system of specifying security roles that define the level of access to particular business methods and beans. This type of access control is a declarative security measure. Bean descriptors declare the roles that can access their methods, and the EJB container can map these logical roles to actual security realms within the application server. For example, when a user logs into a J2EE application, the application server matches the username to a security role called ADMIN. As the user attempts to execute code that performs a JNDI lookup of an EJB, the user s credentials (username and password) are passed to the EJB container. Before returning the bean, or before invoking bean methods, the container verifies that the user has sufficient access (as defined by the user s security role) to the bean. The recipes contained in this chapter deal directly with security roles and access control (as well as a few other unique recipes). For information about mapping users to roles within an application server, you should consult the documentation from your vendor. After reading this chapter, you will be familiar with the following topics:
No changes need to be made to the build.xml file from the target shown in recipe 2.1.
This method is absent from the RetrieveQuoteSpotlet since the Spotlet has no scroll text box and therefore no need to react to pen movement. Our applications user interfaces have been completed. The full code for our two Spotlets is displayed in listings 9.8 and 9.9 as follows.
Planning the Deployment
The analysis phase
2.2.3 Types
With the DOM Inspector, you can observe the attributes, styles, markup (currently selected), and layout of the page. This tool can be a useful alternative to viewing the source generated by the browser. Next up is the ASP.NET menu, which offers options for viewing the ViewState, trace information, and cache used by the current application. When ViewState is selected, the ViewState Viewer window appears. You can use the viewer to navigate between different versions of the data, as shown in figure B.18. Web Development Helper is rich and easy to use. Because of its integration with ASP.NET AJAX and its many features, we highly recommend that you make it part of your toolbox for Ajax and ASP.NET development. Additional documentation is available from the tool s home page.
UIKit framework which is what we spend most of our time on in this book and the address book UI framework. UIKit includes window support, event support, and user-
public static ValueProviderFactoryCollection Factories { get { return _factories; } } }
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