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This appendix
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Listing 6.2 Button.fx (part 1)
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Figure 8.9 Forms involved in the Foobar Film Festival ad
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546 | Appendix E: Message-Driven EJB: Status Update Listeners Example
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Figure 5-3. Factory Method pattern UML diagram generate qr code
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All the relevant events that we need to listen to along with the Opera-specific hack mentioned in the first round of our script development are set up in this method. You will recall that the bindAsEventListener() method is a closure mechanism provided courtesy of the Prototype library. This mechanism allows
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Similar to the method execution join point, the execution join point for the Account(int) constructor encompasses the whole constructor body. The constructor call join points represent the points in other methods that invoke the creation of an object. The following code shows an example of a constructor call join point for the Account object:
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is probably perfect. Alternatively, we could have marked the interface with the @Remote annotation. Remote access through the @Remote annotation is provided under the hood by Java Remote Method Invocation (RMI), so this is the ideal means of remote access from Java clients. If the EJB needs to be accessed by non-Java clients like Microsoft .NET applications, web services based remote access can be enabled using the @WebService annotation applied either on the interface or the bean class. That s pretty much all we re going to say about stateless session beans for now. Let s now turn our attention to the client code for using the PlaceBid EJB.
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Meanwhile, by working with your three slider values you re able to easily generate a value from 0 to 1 C. Putting that together with the color you generated from your text field input results in a background color that you can change in two ways. Figure 14.9 takes a final look at this new program. Would this be better to do with a UISegmentedControl and a UISlider Probably. But as is, it also offered a quick example of how a text field works. Furthermore, it showed how you can combine action management by letting multiple controls point to a single method, a technique that will be useful in more complex programs. As usual, there s more information on both of these controls in the Apple class references, including lots of methods and properties that we didn t talk about.
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Section 5.4.1
With an object initializer, though, you can set the public weight immediately after you create the object, like this:
Querying persistent objects
Setting up Team Foundation Server
Using iText s basic building blocks
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The two views that are created by default are imaginatively named view1 and view2. Each of these can be used to control a screen full of information. If you want to add more views to your stackLayout, go to the Attributes tab of the inspector window for the stackLayout. It includes a Subviews section, as shown in figure 7.9. You can add additional views by clicking the plus (+) button. Once you ve got the right number of views for your web app, you can fill them by clicking on the view to which you want to add content (which will display that view on the canvas), and Figure 7.9 The stackLayout object then dragging new objects to your canvas. The allows you to add additional views with new object will immediately be placed in the a GUI. appropriate view. With this process you can fill out multiple pages of content.
Figure 5.31 The same ObtainQuoteMIDlet as seen on a pager emulator. Because the screen is of different dimensions, the layout of the various high-level user interface elements may be a little different. However these elements still behave as they did on the cell phone.
(see figure 7.14). Untangling the HTML Document CSS Stylesheet p logical structure of a document <p> { background color: gray; color: white; Some text from how it should be displayed } </p> allows the document to be shown in <p class="myClass"> p.myClass many different ways, simply by { color: black; Some more text } </p> changing its stylesheet. What works for web page content could also work for GUI controls; if Figure 7.14 Two style rules and two HTML paragraph buttons, sliders, scrollbars, and elements. The first rule applies to both paragraphs, while the second applies only to paragraphs of class myClass. other controls deferred to an external stylesheet for their display settings, artists and designers could change their look without having to write a single line of software code. This is precisely the intent behind JavaFX s style-aware controls library. JavaFX allows both programmers and designers to get in on the style act. Each JavaFX control defers not to a stylesheet directly but to a skin. FigProgressSkin Progress ure 7.15 shows this relationship diagrammatically. The skin is a JavaFX boxCount boxWidth minimum class that draws the control; it can CSS boxHeight maximum expose various properties (public etc. value instance variables), which JavaFX can then allow designers to change via a Figure 7.15 The data from the control (Progress) CSS-like file format. and the CSS from the stylesheet are combined inside In a rough sense the control acts the skin (ProgressSkin) to produce a displayable UI as the model and the skin as the view, control, in this example, a progress bar. in the popular Model/View/Controller model of UIs. But the added JavaFX twist is that the skin can be configured by a stylesheet. Controls are created by subclassing javafx.scene.control.Control and skins by subclassing Skin in the same package. Another class, Behavior, is designed to map inputs (keystrokes, for example) to host-specific actions on the control, effectively making it a type of MVC controller. Now that you understand the theory, let s look at each part in turn as actual code.
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