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$(document).ready(function() { /* your code here */ });
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TeamCity can interpret this message and has the built-in ability to process the MSBuild report files. So if it gets an importData command of type mstest, it searches a given path for the report to transform and then displays the results. Make sure you add the .trx file to the project artifacts. Add the previous message line to your build script, and you ll get a TeamCity Test Details page as shown in figure 6.15.
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Exposing EJBs as web services
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Suppose you re building a relatively simple application, with about 5 10 objects in your domain model. Should you go through the extra work of creating a service layer It really depends on the application. Probably the most useful advice is to start out building your application without a service layer component. If it later makes sense to introduce a service layer, refactor the application code. For instance, you may want to start the application with a service layer if you plan on having multiple application clients, like a web client and a standalone application accessing the same data. Figure 8.4 shows an example. Instead of duplicating the business logic in the web and standalone clients, the service layer allows you to centralize the business logic in the application.
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Using Firebug for Firefox
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endRequest 255 event 235, 243 EndRequestEventArgs 255 error property 256 errorHandled property 255 256 endsWith method 59 EndValue attribute 365 Enter key ignoring keypress 289 enumeration 101 103 type 102 error code, obtaining 163 non-HTTP 163 server-returned HTTP 163 typed 69 71 error handling 163 166 client-side 255 256 Error object 69, 451 452 Error.create method 70 Error.notImplemented method 69 escape character JSON 88 eval function 87 evaluateIn method 403, 405 evaluateOut method 403, 405 event arguments 112, 460 automating creation 458 461 client component model 266 descriptor 385 exposing in client class 276 exposing in JavaScript 109 112 handling in XML Script 387 raised by components 45 raised by DOM element 51 raising 109 subscribing to and handling 112 113 synthetic 350 event descriptor 385 event handler 55, 78, 112 adding 109 detaching from element 56 disposing 56 removing 109 event model 45, 108 113 event object 52
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The end is in sight. We have one final matter to take care of before we move on from scoring. Did you tie B in listing 12.14 to the Scorer class we wrote in listing 12.12 This is how you employ your own implementation of a Scorer class. All that is necessary is to put your modifications in the MyTermScorer class, as we do in listing 12.15. We ll now implement our Scorer class, but we won t change the score method; we ll change the constructor to fill the scoreCACHE by multiplying the weightValue by a constant 1.0, as follows in listing 12.15.
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The source begins with an inclusion of the class s header file B and an @implementation statement C. Your window property is also synthesized D. It s the content of the applicationDidFinishingLaunching method E that s really of interest to you. As you ll recall, that s one of the iPhone OS life-cycle messages that we touched on in chapter 10. Whenever an iPhone application gets entirely loaded into memory, it ll send an applicationDidFinishingLaunching: message to your application delegate, running that method. You ll note there s already some code to display that Interface Builder created window F.
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The bitter cost
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Description Specifies the cascade type for the associated entities. Specifies the fetch type, i.e., LAZY or EAGER. Designates the nonowning side of the relationship. Defines join column. Specifies the association table if any. Specifies the order in which the collection of entities is retrieved. Specifies the map key.
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You can use the movie_links_2.pdf file, which lists 32 countries, as a clickable table of contents (TOC) for the movie_links_1.pdf file, which lists the movies that were produced in these countries. The next example will explain how to create a different type of TOC: the bookmarks panel in Adobe Reader. Note that bookmarks are often referred to as outlines in the context of PDF.
package hello; import java.util.*; import org.hibernate.*; import persistence.*; public class HelloWorld { public static void main(String[] args) { // First unit of work Session session = HibernateUtil.getSessionFactory().openSession(); Transaction tx = session.beginTransaction(); Message message = new Message("Hello World"); Long msgId = (Long) session.save(message); tx.commit(); session.close(); // Second unit of work Session newSession = HibernateUtil.getSessionFactory().openSession(); Transaction newTransaction = newSession.beginTransaction(); List messages = newSession.createQuery("from Message m order by m.text asc").list(); System.out.println( messages.size() + " message(s) found:" );
Test Your Knowledge: Exercises
All the library sections are easy to use. To add a new object to your project, drag it onto your canvas. Blue lines will help you center your object, if you so desire. Afterward, you can resize the object or otherwise manipulate it using the canvas or the inspector, as appropriate. That concludes our look at the parts of Dashcode. We ll be putting this all to actual use momentarily, but first we need to talk about what you can do with a Dashcode project when you re done with it.
More and more companies have been adopting a portal-based intranet. Portals give users an easy gateway for obtaining large quantities of information on one page. This eliminates the need for the user to go to multiple locations to get the information they need. Online portals such as Yahoo! allow us to obtain news, weather, sports scores, mail, games, and so much more on just one page. Another portal is Amazon s A9.com search portal, which lets us do searches on multiple areas without going to separate pages. We can search for web pages, books, images, and much more on one page. A9.com utilizes Ajax to display the information on the screen. This allows for a great user experience since the user does not have to sit and wait for page re-rendering when new search results are displayed. In this chapter, we are incorporating Ajax into a portal to improve the user s experience: specifically, how he logs into the system and how the system remembers his details. The portal project will allow the user to customize the layout of the portal with a minimum amount of effort. The user will not even realize that his actions are sending information back to the server to remember the exact location of the objects on the page. This means that his personal settings are the same every time he logs into the system. We first take a low-level approach to building the portal. We implement a basic portal framework in a less-structured manner to shed light on the concept behind the portal. We then look at the portal in a more advanced light using an object-oriented approach. Before we implement the portal, let s examine some current portals and see how adding Ajax can improve the user s experience.
Being able to change the configuration inside the role instance is nice, but you ll probably do this only during the startup of the instance. Dynamic changes to the configuration are more likely to come from outside the role instance. The source of these changes will probably be either an overseer role that s monitoring the first role, or a management application of sorts that s running on your desktop. The agent s configuration is stored in a file local to the role instance that s running the agent. By default, this file is polled every minute for any configuration changes. You can change the polling interval if you want to by using the DiagnosticMonitorConfiguration.ConfigurationChangePollInterval property. You can set this property only from within the role the agent is running in. To update the configuration remotely, either from another role or from outside Azure, you can use two classes. The DeploymentDiagnosticManager class is a factory that returns diagnostic managers for any role you have access to. You can use this manager to change the configuration remotely by using it to create RoleInstanceDiagnosticManager objects. Each RoleInstanceDiagnosticManager object represents a collection of diagnostic agents for a given role, one for each instance running in that role. After you ve created this object, you can make changes to the configuration like you did in the previous section. The trick is that you have to change the configuration for each instance individually. The following listing shows how to update the configuration for a running role.
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