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blue. I contains the configuration parameters that tell Hibernate Search to put the Furniture entity into the Animal index. We hope you noticed that, as we said earlier, you need to do additional work here to obtain your answer. A BooleanQuery is now necessary because you are searching on two fields. The first is the _hibernate_class field, having a value of the entity you re searching for. The second is the actual field and value you re querying for, in this case id with a value of 1. To find out how these two entities merged into a single index, let s turn to Luke and examine the two documents in the index. First look at figure 11.1, which shows document 0 in the index. Several things should be apparent from this figure:
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DB2 Application
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example.) However, item2 and item3 are identical references to the same persistent in-memory instance.
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public static void Operation1( ) { Console.WriteLine("Operation 1\n" + a.A1( ) + a.A2( ) + b.B1( )); } public static void Operation2( ) { Console.WriteLine("Operation 2\n" + b.B1( ) + c.C1( )); } }
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We have several guards B protecting against bad input, but we didn t include the check for a user or part of our application putting an invalid GUID into the query string (or form variable). Rather than allow an exception to be thrown during binding, we d like to handle this by returning null, as shown in the test in listing 26.16.
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Let s try to use NAnt with this full-blown, single-line C# program:
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}; break; // We want channel 2 case 2 : stream = new InputStream() {
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14.3 Migrating message-driven beans
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Learning Objective-C and the iPhone OS SDK
15.7.2 Troubleshooting tips
Web server
Building Ajax-enabled controls
Policy enforcement: system wide contracts
All of the settings for this file are covered in detail in chapter 4, so we won t rehash them here.
Assign stylesheets
@OneToMany(targetEntity=Bid.class,mappedBy="item") protected Set bids;
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