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Table 10.1 Values assigned to the properties of the AutoCompleteExtender in the example Description ID of the extender control ID of the target TextBox URL of the web service used to retrieve the list of suggestions Value
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a BugAccessorBean
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Listing 3.11 Deployment descriptor
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3.6 Mapping class inheritance
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The local diagnostic agent can find and access any of the normal Windows diagnostic sources; then it moves and collates the data into Windows Azure storage. The agent can even handle full memory dumps in the case of an unhandled exception in one of your processes. You must configure the agent to have access to a cloud storage account. The agent will place all your data in this account. Depending on the source of the data, it ll either place the information in BLOB storage (if the source is a traditional log file), or it ll put the information in a table. Some information is stored in a table because of the nature of the data collection activity. Consider when you re collecting data from Performance Monitor. This data is usually stored in a special file with the extension .blg. Although this file could be created and stored in BLOB storage, you would have the hurdle of merging several of these files to make any sense of the data (and the information isn t easily viewed in Notepad). You generally want to query that data. For example, you might want to find out what the CPU and memory pressure on the server were for a given time, when a particular request failed to process. Table 18.1 shows what the most common sources of diagnostic information are, and where the agent stores the data after it s collected. We ll discuss how to configure the sources, logs, and the (tantalizingly named) arbitrary files in later sections.
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How the load balancer distributes requests
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Let s investigate this profile piece by piece. First, each profile must derive from Profile and choose a unique ProfileName B. The Configure method contains the configuration declarations. The first directive is AddFormatter<HtmlEncoderFormatter>() C. This is a global instruction to AutoMapper, telling it to apply HTML encoding to every destination member. A second formatting directive tells AutoMapper to use the NameFormatter whenever it s mapping from a Name object D (we ll investigate NameFormatter in depth later in this chapter). There s also a directive providing a special formatting expression that AutoMapper should use when it s attempting to map from decimal objects E. This expression will use the standard formatting string to display decimals as currency. Finally, the CreateMap directive tells AutoMapper to plan to map from Customer to CustomerInfo. The ForMember method call tells AutoMapper to apply the AddressFormatter but skip the HtmlEncoderFormatter when mapping to the ShippingAddress destination property. The rest of the CustomerInfo properties aren t specified, because they re mapped conventionally.
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Other event functionality
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Listing 14.1 A simple hostname lookup
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Storing temporary user information Examples include a login status, preferences, and anything else that s dependent on the user s location. Storing user-specific cached data Local caches of this sort can reduce the number of round-trips to back-end data sources. Cached data for example, search results can be easily recreated if lost. Managing a repeatable business process Some business processes that span multiple client requests can benefit from session state. Just make sure the potential loss of that state isn t damaging to your business. Storing UI-specific state A history of user gestures or workflow steps is expected to remain intact only for the duration of a user s interaction with a user interface. Resetting this state on a failure or location change is usually tolerable.
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eoFill() fillStroke()
Sys.UI.DomEvent class 48 properties 52 Sys.WebForms.PageRequestManagerParseErrorException 261 262 System.Collection.Generic 152 System.ComponentModel namespace 267 System.ComponentModel. Component class 265 System.EventArgs.Empty 162 System.Web.Extensions 120 assembly 300, 489 system.web.extensions element 455 System.Web.Extensions.Design assembly 489 System.Web.Extensions.dll 23 System.Web.Script.Services 31, 145 System.Web.Script.Services. ScriptHandlerFactory 176 System.Web.UI namespace 300, 322, 343
Figure 3.12 Using native code, you can see some of the machine details of a web role in Windows Azure. In this example, Microsoft is using Windows Server 2008 Enterprise x64. Notice that the user name that the process is running as is a GUID.
1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18 19 20 21 22 23 24 public Mirror(string spec) { objectStack = new Stack( ); objectStack.Push(null); // Register the commands commands = new List<Command>( ); commands.Add(new ElementCommand( )); commands.Add(new EndElementCommand( )); commands.Add(new AttributeCommand( )); Reader = new XmlTextReader(spec); while (Reader.Read( )) { InterpretCommands( ); bool b = Reader.IsEmptyElement; if (Reader.HasAttributes) { for (int i = 0; i < Reader.AttributeCount; i++) { Reader.MoveToAttribute(i); InterpretCommands( ); } } if (b) Pop( ); } }
AddEvent Adds an event handler for a client event. The first argument passed to AddEvent is the name of the client event to subscribe. The second
<div class='importButton' onclick='importData("datafeed3.xml", mytextbox.value);'/>
<OrderRecord> <Order id=4444> <Product id=1001 /> <Quantity value=4 /> </Order> <Order id=4445> <Product id=3003 /> <Quantity value=2 /> </Order> <Order id=4446> <Product id=4004 /> <Quantity value=8 /> </Order> </OrderRecord>
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