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If you don t specify a primary key join column for the secondary table, the name of the primary key of the single inheritance table is used in this case, BILLING_DETAILS_ID. Also note that you need to map all properties that are moved into the secondary table with the name of that secondary table. You also want more tips about how to choose an appropriate combination of mapping strategies for your application s class hierarchies.
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14: Application Settings
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Example 13-26 chooses to deal with the clients one at a time the loop accepts a single connection, sends a response, closes the connection, and then moves on to the next client. So this particular server will have up to two active Socket objects at any one time the one for the client connection it s currently handling, and the one Socket that is listening for incoming connections. You don t need to do this it s very common to accept new connections on a listening socket when you already have open connections that came from the same socket. (For example, a web server does not insist on finishing the processing of whatever request it s handling at the moment before starting work on the next one. It s common for a server to have hundreds of inbound connections open simultaneously.) But since this particular service can do all the work it needs to do and then close the connection immediately, it doesn t have any particular reason to open several connections simultaneously. The code that does the work here is pretty similar to the client code we saw in Example 13-24. As before, we create a NetworkStream, passing true to indicate that we want to close the Socket when we dispose the stream. This time we create a StreamWriter instead of a StreamReader, because we re now implementing the server, and it s going to be sending data rather than receiving it. We call the writer s WriteLine method, passing the current date and time, which, as you may recall, was the whole point of this service in the first place. Example 13-27 shows the completed code.
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elements. You choose a particular concrete derived type to determine which layout mechanism to use. Silverlight version 3 offers three panel types: Grid, StackPanel, and Canvas. WPF provides these and a few more, as we ll see shortly.
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6: Object-Oriented Programming |
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Figure 10.6 A window contains one or more view controllers or views under the iPhone OS.
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In chapter 3, we introduced the enhanced type system provided by the Microsoft Ajax Library, together with the methods used to reflect on client classes. Reflection on client objects is less powerful because many object-oriented constructs are simulated by extending function objects. You can use client type descriptors to partially fill this gap and provide information about the properties, methods, and events defined in a client class.
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3.6 Summary
What s new in Hibernate 3
Persistent Of course, EJB entity beans can provide persistence, and improvements to EJB 2.0 make the solution much more viable than it has been in the past. Considering the position we take on persistence management later in this book, you may be surprised to see persistence listed here. But even though EJB entity beans are rarely the best option for persistence, using EJB may make it easier to wrap your persistence model with services that you need, like transactional awareness, distribution, and security. Scalable One of the unforeseen benefits of web-based development has been the relative ease of building scalable solutions. Because EJB are designed with clustering and scalability in mind, scalable solutions are often much easier to build with this architecture.
In this case, you re using a Menu control, rather than a TreeView. Note that the DataSourceID property of the Menu control points to the SiteMapDataSource control that you just created. You ve set the control s ShowStartingNode property of the SiteMapDataSource control to false to suppress display of the root node in the menu. You don t want anonymous users to be able to use the menu, so add the following code to the MasterPage.master.vb Page_Load to disable the menu if the user is not logged in:
10.4.4 Loading the maps
Visual Studio 2008 and C# Express 2008
Unfortunately, Venkman tends to generate rather too much data and lists various chrome:// URLs first. These are internal parts of the browser or plug-ins that are implemented in JavaScript, and we can ignore them. In addition to the main methods of the HTML page, all functions in all JavaScript libraries that we are using including the stopwatch.js profiler that we developed in the previous section have been recorded. Figure 8.4 shows the relevant section of the HTML report for the main HTML page. Venkman generates results that broadly agree with the timings of our own stopwatch object rewriting the status bar takes roughly one third as long as updating the thumbnail element. Venkman is a useful profiling tool and it can generate a lot of data without us having to modify our code at all. If you need to profile code running across different browsers, then our stopwatch library can help you out. In the following section, we ll look at a few example pieces of code that demonstrate some refactorings that can be applied to code to help speed it up. We ll make use of our stopwatch library to measure the benefits.
22: Licensing Your Application
The custom route handler simply needs to build the page. Listing 16.15 shows a barebones handler that will work.
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