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What is ORM
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If portability is not an issue, then developing applications on small devices using Java may not necessarily be the way to go. Certainly, Java has advantages that go beyond portability. Java is a good object-oriented language, offers security features that other languages do not have and is widely accepted, which means it is usually easier to find a developer to help build or maintain a Java application. But there are downsides as well. Because Java requires a virtual machine, Java developers are sometimes waiting for the virtual machine and API to be developed for the target platform. Throughout this book, we have noted gaps in J2ME coverage. Because Java is run as a set of byte codes that must be interpreted by a virtual machine at runtime, performance is almost always a consideration. The virtual machine does not help when worrying about the size of the application as well. While some vendors strip away the unnecessary classes,
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Modifying objects efficiently
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public java.lang.String makeReservation(int cruiseId, int cabinId, int customerId, double price);
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Any method can enable optional arguments, and the calling code can choose to include or exclude those arguments. But what if you wanted to add an unlimited number of optional arguments to a method How could you write, for instance, a function that would return the average of all supplied arguments, with no limits on the number of arguments Although you could accept an array variable with the source data values, you could also use a parameter array argument, also called a ParamArray argument. As with optional arguments, ParamArray arguments must appear at the end of a method s argument list, and there can be only one, because one is more than enough for any method. Parameter array arguments use the ParamArray keyword just before the argument name.
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Various controls allow you to accept user input, most using simple interfaces. (continued) Summary Not a UIControl object, but offers similar functionality to a UITextField. It provides an interface that includes a single-line text input, a search button, a cancel button, and a bookmark button. It could theoretically be used in any program where a user would want to save search results, though it s obviously specialized for a web browser. See section 16.5.3 for an example. A horizontal bar containing several buttons. See section 17.4.2 for an example. A slider that allows users to input from a range of approximate values. See section 14.6.2 for an example. An on-off button of the sort used in preferences. See section 16.2.1 for an example. A single-line text input, and probably the most common control for true user input. It requires some work to make the keyboard relinquish control. See section 14.6.1 for complete discussion and an example. Not a UIControl object, but does allow the user to enter longer bits of text. As with a text field, you must have it resignFirstResponder status to return control to the program when the user is done typing. As shown in the iPhone Notes utility, this is typically done with a separate Done button at the top of the interface, because the Return key is used to input returns. See section 16.3.4 for an example. Not a UIControl object. Instead, it s a bar meant to hold a collection of UIBarButtonItems, each of which can be clicked to initiate an action. The bar is easy to configure and change. See section 18.4 for an example.
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Table 13.1 Properties used in parameter descriptors Description The expected type of a parameter. The possible values are String, Number, Array, Function, and Object. If true, the parameter can be null. If true, the parameter can be omitted. If the parameter is a Number, specify if it must be an integer.
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/** * Servlet bridge for stateless session beans. */ public class Bridge extends HttpServlet { /** EJBObject instance for stateless session bean. */ private Object homeObject = null; /** Home interface's create() method. */ private Method createMethod = null; public void init(ServletConfig config) throws ServletException { try { // get home interface jndi binding parameter. String jndiBinding = config.getInitParameter("jndi"); if (jndiBinding == null) throw new ServletException( "JNDI binding init. parameter required."); // look up home object. InitialContext context = new InitialContext(); Object homeObject = context.lookup(jndiBinding); if (homeObject == null) throw new ServletException(
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Your enterprise beans are declared to use container-managed transactions. Container-managed transaction EJBs declare their transaction behavior in the deployment descriptor. When declaring a bean to use CMTs, you need to specify the transaction behavior for the methods using transactions. The EJB specification defines six levels of transaction support, each causing an EJB to behave in a different way.
Unique Element Always-on internet Power consciousness Location-aware Orientation-aware Innovative input Innovative output
SOAP Message Consumer
Working with ASP.NET Web Services
this approach is it strips away the boilerplate classes and interfaces of other languages, like Java, distilling everything down to its purest form. If a given part of our UI is dependent on some external data, that dependency is expressed immediately (meaning inline) as part of its definition. It is not scattered throughout our code in disparate event handlers, interfaces, and event objects, as in Java. If there is a two-way relationship between the UI and its data, a bidirectional bind (the with inverse syntax) can be used. For example, a text field may display the contents of a given variable in a model. If the variable changes, the text field should update automatically; if the text field is edited, the variable should update automatically. Providing the relationship is elemental in nature, in other words a direct one-to-one relationship, a bidirectional bind will achieve this. When I told you binds were really useful things, I wasn t kidding!
@DiscriminatorColumn(name = "USER_TYPE", discriminatorType = DiscriminatorType.STRING, length = 1) Configures public class User ...
that was returned to our application in the updated list. You may call the web service directly with the URL http://localhost:7001/book/DiagnosticApp action=update&machine=amaya.
# JNDI Properties for Local interaction with OpenEJB Naming Provider java.naming.factory.initial=org.apache.openejb.client.LocalInitialContextFactory
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