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alert( top.x );
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CGContextDrawLinearGradient(ctx, myGradient, CGPointMake(0,0), CGPointMake(320,480), (CGGradientDrawingOptions)NULL); CGColorSpaceRelease(myColorSpace); CGGradientRelease(myGradient);
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public interface IMessageProvider { string GetMessage(); } public class StructureMapMessageProvider : IMessageProvider { public string GetMessage() { return "This message was provided by StructureMap"; } }
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We d usually write the query as follows (method chaining):
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4.1 The persistence lifecycle
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The other two properties, LastName and EmailAddress, are added to the customer element in exactly the same way. Here s an example of the complete customer element:
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Working with the ColumnText object
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types that it adapts. In each of them, it does the delegate assignments (one, or more than one if there are further methods for rerouting).
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public abstract class EAOFactory { public static final EAOFactory jpa = new JPAEAOFactory(); public abstract ItemEAO getItemEAO(); public abstract BidEAO getBidEAO(); ... } public class JPAEAOFactory extends EAOFactory { public JPAEAOFactory(){} public BidEAO getBidEAO() { return (new BidEAOImpl()); } }
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You ve met loadView and viewDidLoad, which are run as part of the view controller s setup routine and which you used to add extra subviews. The viewWillAppear: message is sent afterward. The rest of the messages are sent at the appropriate times, as views disappear and rotation occurs. Any of these methods can be overwritten to provide the specific functionality that you want when each message is sent.
It is also the platform provider s job to make sure the record store survives normal operations of the device. This includes operations such as shutdowns, reboots and battery changes. Record stores are associated with a MIDlet suite. That is, the data in a record store may be shared and utilized by any number of MIDlets in a suite. In fact, when two different MIDlets request access to the same record store, each is given an object reference to the same record store on the system. When the MIDlet suite is removed from the device, all record stores associated with the suite must also be removed from the device. Each record store must have a unique name as it pertains to the MIDlet suite. 136
Figure 9.8 Base interface and classes provided by ASP.NET AJAX to create Ajax-enabled controls
Configuring runtime settings
Button name
XML Script basics Actions Bindings Transformers
The homepage of the Firebug add-on for Firefox
Using a compound primary key for your entity beans
7.2 Antipattern: Face Off
Improving the solution
$> cd oreilly-ejb-6thedition-book-examples
The <fixcrlf> task is a MatchingTask. Like many other Ant tasks it has an implicit fileset and attributes such as includes and excludes. By default, it overwrites the source files; if the destdir attribute is set to a directory, then the task makes copies of the original files. One problem is that the appropriate line ending for the build system may not be that of the end user, so using local file options can introduce intermittent defects. Depending upon who releases the project, different files will be usable by different people. The trick is to take the same source file and generate multiple output files, such as one with the Unix title README and Unix line endings, and another nearly identical copy called README.TXT with MS-DOS line endings. Listing 6.1 shows a target that does this. It also uses another service provided by the task, the conversion of tabs to spaces. This avoids layout surprises when the recipient views a file in an editor with different tab spacing parameters than normal.
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