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sleep-fifteen-seconds: [echo] sleeping for 15 seconds [exec] Timeout: killed the sub-process
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This example borrows heavily from Ilya Zakharevich s example in the Term::Gnuplot documentation.
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Listing 3.7 Sequence declaration
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$new_im = $im->Coalesce()
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We ve covered the two styles of query parameters supported by Hibernate. For the purpose of our examples, we ve been displaying the queries as hardcoded in application code. Anyone who s built an application will know that embedding your queries can quickly create a maintenance nightmare. Ideally, you would store the queries in a text file, and the most natural place to do that with Hibernate is in the mapping definition file.
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Enterprise JavaBeans is a standard server-side component model for distributed business applications.
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Creating and testing layered applications
Part 2 Ending structural and synchronization mismatches
Figure 13.11 This window shows the RSS feeder being paused since the center button is now labeled RESUME.
Code generation with XDoclet
Test Your Knowledge: Exercises
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