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The output looks like this:
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iPhone in Action
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persistence context, it is legal to invoke this method outside of a transaction scope, and the remove will be queued until the persistence context interacts with a transaction.
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De ning Classes
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INSERT SNIPPET Insert 12, Snippet Item 1.
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That s how requests are load balanced across multiple web roles. Now let s take a look at those aspects of a website that are generally affected when running with multiple roles, namely: Session management Caching Local storage Let s start with session management.
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use GD; # Read in the image open(PNG, 'logo.png') or die "<logo.png: $!"; my $gd = GD::Image->newFromPng(\*PNG) or die "newFromPNG"; close PNG; # Get the dimensions my ($width, $height) = $gd->getBounds(); # Loop over the individual pixels for (my $y = 0; $y < $height; $y++) { for (my $x = 0; $x < $width; $x++) { my $index = $gd->getPixel($x, $y);
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The other three view controllers work much like ABPeoplePickerNavigationController, with one notable difference: they must each be built on top of a navigation controller. Technically, they re probably not modal view controllers, because they go inside a navigation controller, but you can treat the navigation controller as a modal view controller once everything is loaded up, as you ll see in the example. The ABNewPersonViewController allows a user to enter a new contact. You can prefill some of the info by recording it in an ABRecordRef and setting the displayedPerson property, but this is purely optional (and probably won t usually be done). After you ve created the controller, you need to respond to a method that tells you when the user has entered a new contact. You don t have to do anything with it except dismiss the modal controller, because the controller automatically saves the new contact to the Address Book. You can see what info the user entered, though, and do something with it if you want. Listing 9.7 shows how to deploy a new person view on top of a navigation controller and how to respond to its single method.
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Because this is a callback, the function context is the DOM node that fired the event, not the router object. We retrieve the EventRouter reference that we had attached to the DOM node, using the backing object pattern that we saw earlier. We then call the notify() method of the router, passing the event object in as an argument. The full code for the Event Router object is shown in listing 4.8.
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In this listing, a permanent true condition starts the loop off, looping until true equals false, which shouldn t ever happen (and if it does, we re all in for a world of hurt). We grab the first message off of the queue and check to see if it s null. If there aren t any messages on the queue, the GetMessage q would return a NULL message. If there is a message, we process it, not deleting it until the real work is fully completed w. If there wasn t a new message retrieved, the loop sleeps for a period of time e, and then tries again. Sometimes you might find that a queue is polled too often. If this is a concern, you can dynamically change the wait time in the bottom of the loop. A common algorithm used in networking is called truncated exponential backoff. You can see an example of how to implement this in listing 16.6. Under this system, each time a queue check doesn t return a message, the loop delay is extended exponentially until a certain ceiling is reached. If the check does return a message, the loop delay is decreased, either back to the lowest setting, or to the next lowest setting in the progression.
BUILD FAILED execution.xml:18: exec returned: 1
Analyzing the code
When used together, providers and data sets give an end-to-end interface to individual data values, from the fields in your database tables to the in-memory items of a DataRow record. Figure 10-1 shows this object interaction. When you interact with data from an external database, you always use the provider classes, but it s up to you whether you want to also use data sets. There are pros and cons of both methods, some of which appear in Table 10-1.
EJBContext Rollback Methods
public class HomeController : Controller { public ActionResult Index() { ViewData["Title"] = GetResource("PageTitle"); ViewData["Message"] = GetResource("WelcomeMessage"); return View(); } private string GetResource(string key) { var httpContext = ControllerContext.HttpContext; var culture = Thread.CurrentThread.CurrentUICulture; return (string)httpContext.GetGlobalResourceObject("Site", key, culture); } }
Let s get started with a look at where Dashcode came from.
This last property, Target, specifies in which window or frame the new page will open. You can specify a window by name, or use one of the special values listed in Table 2-2.
Four kinds of Android components
<!-- ======================================================== --> <!-- Build EAR --> <!-- ======================================================== --> <target name="ear" depends="ejb-jar" description="Build EAR file"> <mkdir dir="${dist.dir}"/> <ear destfile="${dist.dir}/${name}.ear" appxml="${application.xml}"> Packages EJB JAR <fileset dir="${standard-ejb.dir}"/> file into EAR </ear> </target> </project>
Figure 3.2 The Investment Price Request prototype display anticipates the customer providing an investment symbol and indicates whether the investment is a mutual fund or stock. This type screen can be used to request a new investment quote or to retrieve an existing quote from the database on a device.
The latest Spark release can be found at Spark s CodePlex site (http://sparkviewengine. The release includes the following:
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