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In chapter 1, you learned that there are different ways to add content to a document when generating a PDF file from scratch. In chapter 2, you learned to add high-level objects to a Document. Now you re going to learn an approach that s totally different: you ll add content to a page using methods that are referred to as low-level operations because they write PDF syntax directly to the content stream of the page. A complete overview of the PDF operators and operands will follow in chapter 14. This chapter will cover the basics, but will quickly move on to convenience methods that hide some of the complexity of PDF. We ll also unleash the power of the ColumnText object, an object that allows you to add basic building blocks at absolute positions.
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Before diving into the implementation of our catalog service, let s start by writing a test. Why Well, how else will we know what code to write If we write a test first, we ll have an example of the catalog service s intended use. In addition to demonstrating the intent of the catalog service, the test can validate automatically that the catalog service returns the correct results. Once the test passes, we re done! Listing 9.3 shows the JUnit test, which queries for all products in the snowboard category of the product catalog. (Note: a full tutorial on JUnit goes beyond the scope of this chapter. The JUnit Primer1 will help get you up and running quickly.)
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var request = (HttpWebRequest)WebRequest.Create( " 380d0f841d0b/services/hostedservices"); request.Headers.Add("x-ms-version:2009-10-01"); request.ClientCertificates.Add( X509Certificate2.CreateFromCertFile(@"C:\ \awesomedev.cer"));
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Table schema
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static void Main( ) { int valueOne = 10; int valueTwo = 20; int valueThree = 30; Console.WriteLine("Testing valueOne against valueTwo..."); if (valueOne > valueTwo) { Console.WriteLine("ValueOne: {0} larger than ValueTwo: {1}", valueOne, valueTwo); } Console.WriteLine("Testing valueThree against valueTwo..."); if (valueThree > valueTwo) { Console.WriteLine("ValueThree: {0} larger than ValueTwo: {1}", valueThree, valueTwo); } } } }
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Listing 10.5 version with no authentication or authorization
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9.7.4 Specifying scalability as a measure of success
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StandardAnalyzer StopAnalyzer WhitespaceAnalyzer SimpleAnalyzer
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The Xaml in Example 20-1 and the C# in Example 20-2 both set the Text of the TextBlock. The Xaml does this using standard XML s attribute syntax, while the C# code does it using normal C# property syntax. This highlights an important feature of Xaml: elements typically correspond to objects, and attributes correspond either to properties or to events.
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The SQL-based implementation applies when the query time is low or when the database can execute the two queries efficiently. This implementation also applies if you don t have a JDBC 2.0 driver or you re not using a scrollable result set. If you re already using a scrollable result set, you may determine the row count size by scrolling to the end of the ResultSet and obtaining the row number:
This sample uses a separate class to process the displayed message. The code for this class appears as snippet number 1. To insert the snippet, move the cursor just after the #1 snippet marker line, which reads:
' ----- Add the table to the output. PutTableHere.Text = copyTable.ToString( )
as used in the initialization. Therefore, we need to define our own class, which serves as the Collection class for the Iterator pattern. We ll make the class generic, and in this example, T will stand for Person, which is defined quite simply as having Name and Birth properties. The Tree class is as follows:
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