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To demonstrate how this setting works, let s extend the previous example by adding an additional UpdatePanel to the page with similar contents. In the second panel, you set the UpdateMode property to Conditional. The latest revision to the code is shown in listing 6.5.
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Understanding entities and value types
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The logEvent() method uses a new Session on the same JDBC connection, but it never starts or commits any database transaction. All it does is execute a single SQL statement during flushing. This trick with a temporary Session for some operations on the same JDBC connection and transaction is sometimes useful in other situations. All you have to remember is that a Session is nothing more than a cache of persistent objects (the persistence context) and a queue of SQL operations that synchronize this cache with the database. We encourage you to experiment and try different interceptor design patterns. For example, you could redesign the auditing mechanism to log any entity, not only Auditable. The Hibernate website also has examples using nested interceptors or even for logging a complete history (including updated property and collection information) for an entity. The org.hibernate.Interceptor interface also has many more methods that you can use to hook into Hibernate s processing. Most of them let you influence the outcome of the intercepted operation; for example, you can veto the saving of an object. We think that interception is almost always sufficient to implement any orthogonal concern. Having said that, Hibernate allows you to hook deeper into its core with the extendable event system it s based on.
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message.setObject(shippingRequest); producer.send(message); session.close(); connection.close();
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Using iUI for web apps
string[] lines = File.ReadAllLines("LapTimes.txt"); double currentLapStartTime = 0; double fastestLapTime = 0; int fastestLapNumber = 0; for (int lapNumber = 1; lapNumber <= lines.Length; lapNumber++) { double lapEndTime = double.Parse(lines[lapNumber - 1]); double lapTime = lapEndTime - currentLapStartTime; if (fastestLapTime == 0 || lapTime < fastestLapTime) { fastestLapTime = lapTime; fastestLapNumber = lapNumber; } currentLapStartTime = lapEndTime; } Console.WriteLine("Fastest lap: " + fastestLapNumber); Console.WriteLine("Fastest lap time: " + fastestLapTime);
declared before all other Ajax-enabled server controls in the page hierarchy to ensure that they re loaded and initialized accordingly. Even though the ScriptManager control isn t declared in the content page, you can easily retrieve an instance of it by calling its static method GetCurrent and passing in the current Page instance:
The previous example shows the use of Hibernate Search in conjunction with Hibernate Annotations, but the same example would work perfectly with hbm.xml files as well. This is particularly useful if you try to use Hibernate Search on an existing Hibernate Core based application where the mapping is defined in XML. Have a look at listing 2.7.
cb.beginText(); cb.moveText(36, 788); cb.setFontAndSize(bf, 12); cb.setLeading(18); cb.showText("These are some famous movies by Stanley Kubrick: "); dict = new PdfDictionary(); dict.put(PdfName.E, new PdfString("Doctor")); cb.beginMarkedContentSequence(new PdfName("Span"), dict, true); cb.newlineShowText("Dr."); cb.endMarkedContentSequence(); cb.showText(" Strangelove or: How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love the Bomb."); dict = new PdfDictionary();
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