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It seems that just about every computer book starts with a Hello World application. To help you understand the CI process, we ve developed a simple C# application and simulated a CI server using a Windows script. Make sure you have .NET Framework 4.0 Extended installed. Throughout the book, we ll use Visual Studio 2010. If you have it installed, you re good to go. To install the demo, create a miniCI folder, and then copy the demo files into it. To run the demo, open a command window, change the directory to the miniCI folder, and type Build. The results are shown in figure 1.2. The build script is an old command-line batch file. We used this tool to show you how easy it is to create something that resembles the CI process. We aren t the only ones to try something like this: there are PowerShell scripts made to do the CI server s job (see The CI script, shown next, verifies that the input and output folders exist, compiles the Equals.cs file into an .exe, and then runs it to
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First, let s create a native query that returns multiple entity types a Customer and its CreditCard:
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If ((PlayersOnTeam(homeTeam) >= 9) And _ (PlayersOnTeam(visitingTeam) >= 9)) Or _ (justPracticing = True) Then PlayBall( ) Else StadiumLights(turnOff) End If
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Listing 3.3 Item to Category scaffolding code
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Wiki article: Source location: master/ch09-14-employeeregistry/
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The sample statements I listed here only scratch the surface of the data manipulation possibilities available through SQL. But by now you should have noticed that SQL is remarkably English-like in syntax, much more than even Visual Basic. In fact, the original name for the language SEQUEL was an acronym for Structured English Query Language. As the SQL statements get more complex, they will look less and less like an eighth-grade essay and more like random collections of English words.
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The Transaction interface provides methods for declaring the boundaries of a database transaction. See listing 5.1 for an example of the basic usage of Transaction.
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4. Update visible elements
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You ve purchased something online. Maybe it s a book or clothing from a department store with an online presence. Your order is a week overdue, so you go back to the website to check its status, but you ve misplaced the order number. You call the contact number and are told, I m sorry, I can only look up your order if you can give me your Order ID. Oh-oh, does this sound familiar These all-or-nothing database-style searches are quickly being overtaken by the search techniques we discuss in this book. These much more flexible methods can query for a document where the title contains Wright Brothers and the body contains bicycle. Just about any way you can think of searching for something can be converted into a data query.
Listing 7.1 Automatic transaction
We start with a LINQ query that looks for the filenames that crop up in more than one folder, because those are the only candidates for being duplicates. We iterate through
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