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8: Classes and Inheritance
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That defines a delegate type for a method which returns void, and takes a single Document parameter. The delegate s type name is DocumentProcess.
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C# Express 2008 includes a number of advanced Find and Replace options that you ll use frequently. The most common ones are discussed in this section. Quick Find and Quick Replace. These are just slightly jazzed names for slightly jazzed versions of the typical Find and Replace. You can access Quick Find with Ctrl-F and Quick Replace with Ctrl-H. Both commands bring up essentially the same dialog boxes, switchable by a tab at the top of the dialog box, as shown in Figure 2-5. The search string defaults to the text currently selected in the code window, or, if nothing is selected, to the text immediately after the current cursor location. The Look in drop-down offers a choice of Current Document, All Open Documents, Current Project, Entire Solution, or Current Method. You can expand or collapse the search options by clicking on the plus/minus button next to the Find options item. By default, Search hidden text is checked, which allows the search to include code sections currently collapsed in the code window. The Use checkbox allows the use of either regular expressions or wildcards.
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On the actual Palm OS device, after selecting the ROM Transfer icon, push the Begin Transfer button to begin the process of transferring the ROM image to your computer (see figure 8.19). It takes about five minutes to transfer the file. When the transfer is complete, save your ROM image under the POSE directory. Now the emulator environment is set up and we are ready to deploy the HiSmallWorld application to the emulator for testing.
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Document ranking
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Building stand-alone applications with Ajax
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name="root.dir" location="${env.TEMP}"/> name="cvs.username" value="${}"/> name="" value="localhost"/> name="cvs.root" value=":pserver:${cvs.username}@${}:/home/cvs/projects"/> <property name="cvs.passfile" value="../.cvspass"/> <property name="cvs.dir" location="${root.dir}"/> <property name="cvs.package" value="AntBook/app"/> <cvs cvsRoot="${cvs.root}" command="checkout" dest="${root.dir}" package="${cvs.package}" passfile="${cvs.passfile}" failonerror="yes" />
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Text state operators (continued) iText method Parameters Description Sets the horizontal scaling (initially 100). Sets the leading (initially 0) Sets the text rise (initially 0). Specifies a rendering mode (a combination of stroking and filling). By default, glyphs are filled. Determines whether text elements are considered elementary objects for purposes of color compositing in the transparent imaging model.
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We now have an aspect-oriented solution to authentication and authorization for the banking system. The most beneficial characteristics of this solution are: You can add functionality without touching even a single core source file. The specifications are captured in a single aspect. The base aspect that implements most of the functionality is reusable. You now should be able to write a simple subaspect of this reusable aspect to get a comprehensive access-controlled system. Now that we have a modularized implementation of authorization concerns, we can quickly react to any changes in the authorization requirements. For example, consider data-driven authorization in a banking system where the credentials needed for performing the fee-waiving operations depend on the amount involved. We can implement this requirement easily by capturing the join points corresponding to the fee-waiving operations and collecting the waived amount as a context. We then advise such join points to check the credentials based on the amount. Consider another requirement: providing the opportunity for relogin with a different identity upon determining that the credentials with the current identity are not sufficient to perform an operation. We can easily imple-
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Run the code and play with the combo box, as shown in Figure 18-14.
Writing the DAO
Put a bookmark in this chapter and return to it when you get stuck. If you do not find the answer here, you are likely to find a pointer to another chapter where the answer can be found. The Java API that we will examine in the next few chapters is pretty small in scope, but the framework will behave differently based on how you configure it. We will cover every configuration option again in the next few chapters in much greater detail and with more context and code examples.
b Transport the image
Listing 6.3 An Android client invoking a raw socket server resource, the echo server
When you use the AnimationExtender or the UpdatePanelAnimationExtender, the XML that defines the animations is parsed on the server side. The result is a JSON-serialized object that is sent on the client side and used to create instances of
Builds name from expression
Instructions for setting up the Eclipse development environment are in appendix A. This environment is used for all Java examples in this book. 2 goes into more detail on setting up and using the development tools. The code examples in this chapter are primarily for illustrative purposes. We reference and introduce classes without necessarily naming specific Java packages. Subsequent chapters take a more rigorous approach to introducing Android-specific packages and classes.
Table 19.1 Methods for graphical context creation Function Arguments (none) Summary Returns current context, which is usually the context of the current UIKit object, but could also be a context that you created by hand Creates a bitmap context Pops a bitmap context off the stack Returns a bitmap as a UIImage *; used with a bitmap context only Creates a PDF context
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