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DTO is used to transfer business object state, not necessarily behavior, across
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A hybrid solution: combining the best of the best
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MvcContrib Grid advanced usage
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var xmlDoc; Declare global var xslDoc; variables var objOutput; function LoadXMLXSLTDoc(urlXML,urlXSL,elementID){ xmlDoc=null; Set variables to null xslDoc=null; objOutput = document.getElementById( elementId); new net.ContentLoader(urlXML,onXMLLoad); new net.ContentLoader(urlXSL,onXSLLoad); }
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Figure 6.3 Messages on the status bar can be inspected by rolling the mouse over the icon, causing a tooltip to appear.
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In our project, all of the style information for HTML elements is contained in our stylesheet, but the style information for our server controls will be held within a .skin file within a Theme. To add a Theme to the project, right-click on the project folder and choose Add Folder, then select Theme Folder as the folder type. Name the folder Blue. To add a .skin file to our new Blue theme, right-click on the Blue theme folder and choose Add Item. Add a new skin file to the theme folder and name it Finally, ensure that the .skin file contains the skin definition for web parts shown in listing A.5:
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Using advanced query techniques
Figure 10.4 To create a new Jbed project for the CountAddress application, apply project properties similar to those depicted here. We copied ours from the ObtainQuote project.
Client Object
The output will be nearly the same. Note that in this case, though, i doesn t represent the index of the array element; it represents the array element itself. In Example 10-1, we used i to output the index as well as the value. Here, that s not an option. If you specifically want to output the index as well as the value, you re better off using the for loop.
callback event handlers that will be fired when the readyState of the underlying XMLHttpRequest object changes. The variable req.transport in the onComplete function is a reference to the underlying XMLHttpRequest object. On top of Ajax.Request, Prototype further defines an Ajax.Updater type of object that fetches script fragments generated on the server and evaluates them. This follows what we describe as a script-centric pattern in chapter 5 and is beyond the scope of our discussion here. This concludes our brief review of cross-browser libraries. Our choice of libraries has been somewhat arbitrary and incomplete. As we have noted, there is a lot of activity in this space at the moment, and we ve had to limit ourselves to some of the more popular or well-established offerings. In the next section, we ll look at some of the widget frameworks built on top of these and other libraries.
0.42030787 by 2 and see what you come up with doesn t multiplying a number by 0.5 decrease the score by a factor of 2 ). The same document matched on two terms, salesman C and reeves D, just as it should have (positive and negative). The boosting factor was applied. E The score of the other documents remained the same.
Metadata in XML
3. Build your application. I ve found that this step is necessary in some installs of Visual Studio, but not in others. It refreshes Visual Basic s view of the new LibraryDataContext classes. To build the application, select the Build Build WindowsApplication1 menu command. 4. Open your custom data context. The code generated by the O/R Designer defines the interaction between your program and the database, but you should still specify the database connection when you run your application, just in case anything changes down the road. Add a new Button control to Form1, then add the following code to that button s Click event handler:
Uploading and downloading BLOBs
An escape character (ASCII 27)
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