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Integrating a Flash application in a PDF document
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Tags are valid only when placed in certain spots. In this case, you put this tag only in the class-level JavaDoc comments. It would be meaningless to put it on a method, for example. Note that while the table attribute isn t mandatory, we also recommend specifying it for the sake of clarity (and because database and Java naming conventions differ a bit). Also, for the class-based tags, be sure the JavaDoc comments are right before the class declaration. If you put a class-based tag in the wrong place, XDoclet will silently do nothing and leave you frustrated and confused. For example, don t do this:
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The name of the font used to print bar codes. This font must be installed on any workstation that displays or prints bar codes. It is not needed to scan bar codes.
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interfaces to DOM API 62 interfaces to SAX API 60 interfaces to XSLT API 63 packages 57 purpose of 11 XSLT 63 JAXR 78, 153 JAX-RPC 77, 124 JBuilder 26, 250 JDBC, purpose of 11 JDOM 66 69 and JAXM 131 building a document, example 68 core classes 67 overview 66, 69 use of 170 using 210 versus DOM 93 versus JAXB 95 JMS 118, 153 purpose of 11 using 211 JNDI 35, 153, 218 and transparency 20 purpose of 11 JProbe 30 JSP 6, 163 custom tags 163 limitations 165 JTA 8, 18 purpose of 11 JUnit 28 JUnitEE 28, 31
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Use informative names for tests. It is better to know that testDocumentLoad failed, rather than test17 failed, especially when the test suddenly breaks four months after someone in the team wrote it. Try to test only one thing per test method. If testDocumentLoad fails and this test method contains only one possible point of failure, it is easier to track down the bug than to try and find out which one line out of twenty the failure occurred on. Utilize the testing up-to-date technique shown in section 4.8. Design builds to work as subcomponents, and be sensitive to build inefficiencies doing unnecessary work. Writing test cases changes how we implement the code we re trying to test, perhaps by refactoring our methods to be more easily isolated. This often leads to developing software that plays well with other modules because it is designed to work with the test case. This is effective particularly with database and container dependencies because it forces us to decouple core business logic from that of a database, a web container, or other frameworks. Writing test cases may actually improve the design of our production code. In particular, if you cannot write a test case for a class, you have a serious problem, as it means you have written untestable code. Hope is not lost if you are attempting to add testing to a large system that was built without unit tests in place. Do not attempt to retrofit test cases for the existing code in one big go. Before adding new code, write tests to validate the current behavior and verify that the new code does not break this behavior. When a bug is found, write a test case to identify it clearly, then fix the bug and watch the test pass. While some testing is better than no testing, a critical mass of tests needs to be in place to truly realize such XP benefits as fearless and confident refactoring. Keep at it and the tests will accumulate allowing the project to realize these and other benefits.
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@org.hibernate.annotations.CollectionOfElements @JoinTable( name = "ITEM_IMAGE", joinColumns = @JoinColumn(name = "ITEM_ID") ) @org.hibernate.annotations.IndexColumn( name="POSITION", base = 1
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Notice the two custom finders. The query for the finder methods (findAll and findByFirstName) are defined in the ejb-jar.xml using EJBQL as defined here:
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2: Structural Patterns: Decorator, Proxy, and Bridge
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public void GetDimensions( out int theLength, out int theWidth out int theHeight ) { theLength = length; theWidth = width; theHeight = height; }
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E Build the filter query boolean
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Up and running, in no time One of the benefits of using Ant comes when a new developer joins a team. With a nicely crafted build process, the new developer can be shown how to get code from the source code repository, including the build file and library dependencies. Even Ant itself could (and likely should) be stored in the repository for a truly repeatable build process. The new developer then runs the build, which would build, test, deploy, and perhaps even run a demo of the system. We have seen environments where bringing up a new build environment takes hours to configure and is prone to not being quite like the other build environments in the group. With Ant and some planning, these types of problems can be alleviated. Being capable of quickly getting a new development environment up and running is a sign that your project is on the right track.
< xml version="1.0" > <configuration xmlns=""> <configSections> <sectionGroup name="system.web.extensions" type="System.Web.Configuration.SystemWebExtensionsSectionGroup, System.Web.Extensions, Version=1.0.61025.0, Culture=neutral,
Image::Magick introduction & reference
These are also referred to as element-based selectors, because they decide whether or not a DOM element is styled based on its element type. We can also define classes for styling that have nothing to do with the HTML tag type. For example, if we define a style class called callout, which is to appear in a colored box, we could write
3: Snappier Web Sites with AJAX
<script type='text/javascript' src='md5.js'></script> <script type='text/javascript'> var encrypted=str_md5('Ajax in action'); //now do something with it... </script>
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