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* In fact, the CLR creates some utility threads for various purposes, so if you inspect the process s thread count, you ll see more than one.
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Animation scale
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var projected = events.Select(ev => ev.Title);
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Promote to Production
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1.6 Antipatterns in this chapter
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The Insert File As Text command allows you to insert the contents of any file into your source code, as though you had typed it in. It is context-sensitive and is visible only when editing a text window.
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16: Throwing and Catching Exceptions
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In chapter 8, we demonstrated how to enrich a text box element by simulating inplace edit functionality with the help of a client behavior. Now that you ve implemented this client component, it would be great if you could wire it to TextBox
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Understanding entities and value types
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namespace Exercise_15_2 { class Tester { public void Run( )
The My.Resources Object
Naming an attribute
Gets list of file
The approach followed in the code is to encapsulate the relevant DOM elements into generic client controls. You do so by declaring a control tag with the id attribute set to the ID of the associated DOM element. In the XML Script code, you create controls for the two drag-drop lists B and the widgets E. Because the two drag-drop lists are declared in a similar manner, let s focus on the one that occupies the left portion of the page area. Each DragDropList behavior is added as a behavior of the corresponding control. You do this by adding a dragDropList element in the behaviors element of the control. As a consequence, the control associated with the container div of the left list has a DragDropList behavior whose attributes are set as follows:
onMessage 203, 242 243 handling rollbacks 226 security 242 org.apache.cactus.server.runner. ServletTestRunner 276 org.apache.cactus.server.Servlet TestRedirector 277 <orion > 63 OwnerBean 70, 98, 101
private static final String[] choices = { "1 HTTP Example", "2 Socket Message" };
Query query = entityManager.createQuery("from Employee c where id=2"); Employee employee = (Employee)query.getSingleResult();
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