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Integrating Quick Response Code in Java Creating and testing layered applications

If myPanel.Children is a collection of objects of some kind, this code will ensure that controls is an enumeration that only returns objects that can be cast to the Control type. Although OfType has no equivalent in a query expression, that doesn t stop you from using it in conjunction with a query expression you can use the result of OfType as the source for a query:
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Localization and Globalization
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Figure 11.6 The contents of the users table
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Update stock price
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Anti-alias and fuzz
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An introduction to Core Animation
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Comparing JavaFX with Adobe AIR, GWT, and Silverlight
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//--------------------------------------------------------------------------|| // Constructor -------------------------------------------------------------|| //--------------------------------------------------------------------------|| /** * Default constructor, required by JPA */ public Address() { } /** * Convenience constructor */ public Address(final String street, final String city, final String state) { // Set this.setStreet(street); this.setCity(city); this.setState(state); } //--------------------------------------------------------------------------|| // Accessors / Mutators ----------------------------------------------------|| //--------------------------------------------------------------------------|| /** * @return the street */ public String getStreet() { return street; } /** * @param street the street to set */ public void setStreet(String street) { this.street = street; } /** * @return the city */ public String getCity() { return city; } /** * @param city the city to set */
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The enhanced Ajax web portal
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Another possibility would be to use PostgreSQL, which accomplishes the same using the LIMIT and OFFSET keywords:
Virtually any client can use the PlaceBid EJB in listing 2.1. However, the most likely scenario for EJB usage is from a Java-based web tier. In the ActionBazaar scenario, the PlaceBid EJB is probably called from a JavaServer Page (JSP) or servlet. For simplicity, let s assume that the PlaceBid EJB is used by a servlet named PlaceBidServlet. Listing 2.2 shows how the code might look. The servlet s service method is invoked when the user wants to place a bid. The bidder s ID, item ID, and the bid amount are passed in as HTTP request parameters. The servlet creates a new Bid object, sets it up, and passes it to the EJB addBid method.
While it s a likely requirement that business logic be unique to your application, the machinery that moves things along is not held to the same supposition. On the contrary, if aspects and plumbing are provided in a generic fashion, the developer is freed to limit both scope and focus to more tangible requirements. Let s say we want to register a new user with the system. Building everything in-house using traditional object-oriented methodology, we d: 1. Check that we have permission to register someone new (Security) 2. Start a boundary so everything is ensured to complete together, without affecting anything else (Transactions) 3. Get a business worker delegate from some pool or cache, so we have control over concurrency (Performance and Transactional Isolation) 4. Make a hook into the database (Resource Management) 5. Store the user (Business Logic) 6. Get a hook to an SMTP (mail) server (Resource Management) 7. Email a confirmation (Business Logic) 8. Return our worker so another call may use it (Performance and Transactional Isolation) 9. Close our boundary (Transactions) Even a simplified example shows that we re speaking like a computer. All this talk about pools and boundaries and databases is undermining the utility of a programming language to help us express our ideas like humans. I d much rather write:
A more sophisticated algorithm might accept a five-digit zip code or a nine-digit zip code in the format of 12345-1234 by using the | metacharacter which represents the or operator. Rather than using the \d metacharacter, you could designate the range of acceptable values:
Listing 10.10
[myText becomeFirstResponder];
Coolest DHTML Calendar
Prefetching using a subselect is a powerful optimization; we ll show you a few more details about it later, when we walk through a typical scenario. Subselect fetching is, at the time of writing, available only for collections, not for entity proxies. Also note that the original query that is rerun as a subselect is only remembered by Hibernate for a particular Session. If you detach an Item instance without initializing the collection of bids, and then reattach it and start iterating through the collection, no prefetching of other collections occurs. All the previous fetching strategies are helpful if you try to reduce the number of additional SELECTs that are natural if you work with lazy loading and retrieve objects and collections on demand. The final fetching strategy is the opposite of on-demand retrieval. Often you want to retrieve associated objects or collections in the same initial SELECT with a JOIN.
Ajax engine
package Picture::Index; use strict; use CGI qw(-no_debug); our %options = ( out_dir => '.', ); sub new { my $proto = my %attrs = my $class = my $self = bless $self }
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