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In order to inform the player of how many clashes and empty cells we have, the puzzle class needs added functionality. We also need the class to provide some way of fixing the starting cells, so the GUI knows not to change them. Listing 4.5 is the final version of the class, with all the new code added.
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That s all there is to configuring cascades. It s important to note that Hibernate doesn t pass the cascade off to the database. Instead, the Hibernate service manages the cascades internally. This is necessary because Hibernate has to know exactly which objects are saved, updated, and deleted. With the configuration and mapping files in hand, you re ready to persist objects to the database with Hibernate.
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Client A changes Record 99 Animal =Pig
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Figure 6.2 A MIDlet cannot gain direct access to a device s record store. It must use the MIDP RMS API in order to access or modify data in the record store.
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Listing 5.2 Adding a service reference to the ScriptManager control
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4.2 Handling exceptions
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Any such response indicates you have not installed or configured Ant yet, so turn to appendix A: Installation and follow the instructions there on setting up and testing the system. The rest of this chapter, and indeed the entire book, assumes that Ant is installed and working.
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EJB clients don t always reside in the client layer. Many times, a client to an EJB is another EJB, and you need to ensure that the client EJB will have the necessary permission to access the methods on the second EJB. You need your client EJB to run as a particular role when interacting with a second EJB. Doing this allows you to avoid passing user credentials from bean to bean.
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You already saw the main filtering feature of LINQ. We illustrated the where clause and the corresponding Where operator in Example 8-2 and Example 8-3, respectively. Another filter operator worth being aware of is called OfType. It has no query expression equivalent, so you can use it only with a method call. OfType is useful when you have a collection that could contain a mixture of types, and you only want to look at the elements that have a particular type. For example, in a user interface you might want to get hold of control elements (such as buttons), ignoring purely visual elements such as images or drawings. You could write this sort of code:
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Table mappings
<context id="jdbc"> <transactionManager type="JDBC"> <property name="DataSource" value="SIMPLE"/> <property name="JDBC.Driver" value="org.postgresql.Driver" /> <property name="JDBC.ConnectionURL" value="jdbc:postgresql:ibatisdemo" /> <property name="JDBC.Username" value="ibatis" /> <property name="JDBC.Password"
setPatternFill(PdfPatternPainter p, BaseColor color), setPatternFill(PdfPatternPainter p, BaseColor color, float tint), and setShadingFill(PdfShadingPattern shading). sh paintShading (shading) Paints the shape and color shading described by a shading
ically provides such services to the bean as automatic concurrency control, thread safety, pooling, and transaction management. In addition, you can add other services for which stateless beans are eligible, such as transparent security and interceptors.
In this case, you have an additiona propertyKey attribute that contains the path to the backgroundColor property of the span element associated with the msgLabel control. Let s compare the markup code with the equivalent imperative code:
Finally, remember that the Ajax Control Toolkit is an open-source project open to contributions from the community. If you think you ve developed a cool Ajaxenabled control, check the homepage for instructions on how to submit your creation and enter the project as a Toolkit contributor.
Depositing into accounts
private void categoryList_SelectionChanged(object sender, SelectionChangedEventArgs e) { CategoryViewModel currentCategory = categoryList.SelectedItem as CategoryViewModel; if (currentCategory == null) { productList.ItemsSource = null; } else { productList.ItemsSource = currentCategory.Products; } }
/** * {@inheritDoc} * @see java.lang.Object#toString() */ @Override public String toString() { return EntityListenerEmployee.class.getSimpleName() + " [name=" + name + ", getId()=" + getId() + "]"; } //--------------------------------------------------------------------------|| // Event Listeners ---------------------------------------------------------|| //--------------------------------------------------------------------------|| /* * Event Listeners; fired by JPA and track state in the EventTracker */ @PrePersist @SuppressWarnings("unused") private void prePersist() { EventTracker.prePersist = true;"prePersist: " + this); } @PostPersist @SuppressWarnings("unused") private void postPersist() { EventTracker.postPersist = true;"postPersist: " + this); } @PostLoad @SuppressWarnings("unused") private void postLoad() { EventTracker.postLoad = true;"postLoad: " + this); } @PreUpdate @SuppressWarnings("unused") private void preUpdate() { EventTracker.preUpdate = true;"preUpdate: " + this); } @PostUpdate @SuppressWarnings("unused") private void postUpdate() {
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