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Gets the basedir of the current Ant project
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As a reaction against EJB 2.1 entity instances, many developers started talking about Plain Old Java Objects (POJOs),1 a back-to-basics approach that essentially revives JavaBeans, a component model for UI development, and reapplies it to the business layer. (Most developers now use the terms POJO and JavaBean almost synonymously.) The overhaul of the EJB specification brought us new lightweight entities, and it would be appropriate to call them persistence-capable JavaBeans. Java developers will soon use all three terms as synonyms for the same basic design approach. In this book, we use persistent class for any class implementation that is capable of persistent instances, we use POJO if some Java best practices are relevant,
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@RolesAllowed( {Roles.ADMIN, Roles.JANITOR}) // Students cannot open this door public void openServiceDoor(){ ... }
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Stub bytecodes
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public void init() throws BuildException The init method is called when a task is encountered during the parsing phase of the build file. This is rarely overridden in practice, since any preliminary configuration could be done in the execute method instead. public void execute() throws BuildException Here is where it all happens! The execute method is the heart of a task. If something goes awry, simply throw an log(String msg, int msgLevel) and log(String msg) The log methods are helpers to call the Project log methods. There are five logging levels, listed in descending priority: MSG_ERR MSG_WARN MSG_INFO MSG_VERBOSE MSG_DEBUG A BuildLogger, discussed in chapter 20, is capable of filtering the output based on the logging level selected. The command-line switches -debug.(all levels), -verbose (MSG_VERBOSE and up), and -quiet (MSG_WARN and up) affect the output generated by the default logger. Note that MSG_ERR and MSG_WARN are always output, even in -quiet mode. The overloaded log method without the msgLevel parameter logs at the MSG_INFO level.
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Note the period in front of the GreenText style name; it is required. Also, notice that the style definitions are embedded between HTML comment characters. This is for the benefit of very old browsers that may not recognize styles; they will ignore the styles enclosed in comments. Figure 6-2 displays the results of this style change.
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The goal of parsing the content of a page isn t always to retrieve text. A frequently asked question involves finding the position where the last line of text ends on a page, so that extra text can be added. This can be done using a special RenderListener implementation. Figure 15.8 shows the same pages as figure 15.7, but with bounding rectangles for the text added. The positions needed to draw these rectangles were retrieved using a TextMarginFinder:
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We used the goto statement earlier in this chapter as an unconditional branch in a switch statement. The more common use of goto, however, is to create a loop. In fact, the goto statement is the seed from which all other looping statements have been germinated. Unfortunately, it is a semolina seed, producer of spaghetti code (see the Spaghetti Code sidebar) and endless confusion.
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Scoring things my way
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Despite its awesome power, the Enigma machine was blissfully simple by design. Predating the modern electronic computer, it relied on old-fashioned electric wiring and mechanical gears. The system consisted of four parts: three rotors and a reflector.
userReg.createAccount(); session.removeAttribute("user_reg");
public static void transfer(Account from, Account to, float amount) throws InsufficientBalanceException {; from.debit(amount); }
StandardTokenizer should support most needs for English (and most European language) texts. It splits words at punctuation characters and removes punctuation marks with a couple of exception rules (see the Javadoc for more information). You can use the StandardTokenizer through the StandardTokenizerFactory provided by the Solr integration. The StandardFilter removes apostrophes and removes dots in acronyms. Solr provides a StandardFilterFactory that you can use in an analyzer definition to use the StandardFilter. The LowerCaseFilter changes all characters to lowercase. Solr provides a LowerCaseFilterFactory. If you plan to index Russian or Greek, be sure to check the language-specific analyzer in the Lucene contrib package at org.apache.lucene. analysis. Russian and Greek need a specific lowercase filter (because of their special alphabets). The StopFilter eliminates some commonly used words. Words very common in a language (like a, the, and is in English) are usually not relevant to the search and dilute the results. They are sometimes called noise words and are usually filtered out. By default, StopFilter will remove commonly used English words, but you can pass a specific stop word file, which contains one word per line. You can also ask the stop filter to ignore case, but we recommend that you apply a true LowerCaseFilter before using StopFilter. Listing 5.7 is an example of an analyzer using StopFilter.
XSLT Processor XSP Processor
Android Activity 455 Android ARM. See ARM Android Asset Packaging Tool. See aapt Android Debug Bridge. See adb Android Development Tools. See ADT Android development, Intent 12 Android device security 295 touch screen-capable 300 android id 93 Android Interface Definition Language. See AIDL Android Market 9 merit-based system 548 publishing to 544, 548 rules 545 Android Native Developer Kit. See NDK Android NDK. See NDK Android Open Source Platform. See AOSP Android Project Wizard 43 Android SDK 32 installing 530 Android Service 481 Android Virtual Device. See AVD android:id attribute 46 android.bluetooth package 369 package 223 android.intent.action.MAIN application entry point 24 android.intent.category. LAUNCHER 24 Android.jar 45 160 android.provider.Telephony. SMS_RECEIVED 22 android.telephony 191, 199 android.view 75 Android/Java, refers to Java 339 Android/Linux environments and tools 342 nontrivial activities 353 refers to Linux 339 startup code appearance 350 system libraries 345 AndroidManifest, understanding the file 98 99 AndroidManifest.xml 21, 23, 43, 64, 98, 206, 488 @symbol 24 application descriptor file 14
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