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public virtual string ToString( );
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Local interfaces don t require any special measures in terms of either defining or implementing them. Remote interface Clients residing outside the EJB container s JVM instance must use some kind of remote interface. If the client is also written in Java, the most logical and resourceefficient choice for remote EJB access is Java Remote Method Invocation (RMI). In case you are unfamiliar with RMI, we provide a brief introduction to RMI in appendix A. For now, all you need to know is that it is a highly efficient, TCP/IPbased remote communication API that automates most of the work needed for calling a method on a Java object across a network. EJB 3 enables a stateless bean to be made accessible via RMI through the @Remote annotation. The BidManager business interface in our example uses the annotation to make the bean remotely accessible:
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Figure 9.10 Various borders can be displayed using available or newly constructed frame types. In the examples provided here, the top rectangle is drawn using drawBorder and the SIMPLE frame type, and the second rectangle is drawn with a RAISED frame type. The final border drawn is done with a custom border type using a 2-pixel diameter for the rounded corners, a 3-pixel wide border and 3 pixels for the shading on the lower and right side
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Effectively integrating EJB 3 across your application tiers
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An abstract base class is intended to provide the scaffolding for a hierarchy of related classes, but it is not intended to be instantiated itself, because it isn t finished. It requires that classes derived from it add in some missing bits. Let s turn our current firefighter into an abstract base for the others to use, and see how that works. First, we can add the abstract modifier to the class itself, and see what happens:
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public aspect SystemAsynchronousExecutionAspect extends AsynchronousExecutionAspect{ public pointcut asyncOperations() : call(* CachePreFetcher.fetch()) || call(* ProjectSaver.backupSave()) /* || ... */; }
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13.1.6 Lazy loading with interception
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The act of clicking a computer mouse can be tedious. I ve come to this realization because when I have to click on a website more than I think necessary, I become unsatisfied and sometimes even agitated. Sites that require unnecessary clicks and mouse moves quickly disappear from my favorites list and probably disappear from yours too. A quick search on the internet reveals an abundance of links that point to articles on this very topic. In fact, experts earn good money in checking the usability of highexposure websites. When you stop and think about what happens when a user clicks on a link, you understand exactly why it can be so annoying. When the user clicks a link, a request is sent off to the web server for a new page to be created and sent back to the browser. This process is referred to as round-tripping or a postback which is the term that we ve been using in this book when a page round-trips to itself. Part of the problem with a round-trip is that all the HTML must be sent from the web server to the browser, and this takes time. Surfing around the internet today, we can see that many pages take several seconds to load; it s this time that is the cause of the angst that is associated with mouse clicks. Because mouse clicks can cause long waits for users, it s important to pay attention to this issue and to constantly strive to remove clicks whenever possible. In the next section we ll find some of the redundant mouse clicks in our portal and remove them by finding smarter ways to present user interface options to our users.
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Sitewide viewport changes and local viewport changes will each have slightly different causes, and will each require slightly different solutions as a result.
Clearly, you need to be careful and think about ordering when you re applying CTM transformations. But CTM transformations aren t the only way to change your drawing space.
13.2.2 Prefetching collections with subselects
And get the table data:
The aBid instance has its own lifecycle, so it can exist outside of the collection. By deleting it manually, you guarantee that nobody else will hold a reference to it,
using using using using System; System.Collections.Generic; System.Linq; System.Text;
' ----- Turn on the error handler. On Error GoTo ErrorHandler ' ----- More code here with the risk of runtime errors. ' When all logic is complete, exit the routine. Return
In Example 21-1, when you retrieve the information from the collection, you retrieve the entire Book object, but you output only the title and author. That s somewhat wasteful, because you re retrieving more information than you actually need. Since you need just the title and author, it would be preferable to be able to say something like this:
Opening files
The first screen that appears is a list of our MIDlets that make up the MIDlet suite. This list is composed of the MIDlet description specified for each MIDlet in the JAD file. At this point, we do not have an Exit button defined that allows the user to exit the application gracefully. This requires a user interface component and the use of event handling that is beyond the scope of this exercise. Both user interface components and event handling are covered in the next chapter. For now, we have to live with running one MIDlet at a time and exiting the emulator. Figure 4.2 shows the Hello2 MIDlet running. So now we have managed to build and run MIDlets and MIDlet suites. How are MIDlets intended to be used in the real world So far we have been running MIDlets directly from the computer on which we develop them, using the midp emulator. However, running MIDlets on an actual device is slightly different. First of all, the application must somehow get onto the device. There are basically two ways that MIDlets can find their way onto a device. They can be installed physically to the device or they can be temporarily loaded into memory over a network connection.
Your Hello Azure World PHP web application
In chapter 8, you saw how to create instances of client components in the page. Because the instantiation of a client component is a process that involves numerous steps besides creating a new instance, the $create method is a valid ally for successfully accomplishing this task. All the listings in the previous chapter assumed that the $create statements were manually injected in a JavaScript code block in the page and executed during the init stage of the client page lifecycle. Given the possibilities that the ASP.NET server model offers, here s an idea: If you can use $create to automate the process of instantiating a client component, why not also automate the process of injecting a $create statement into the page If a server control can perform this job, it can instantiate the client components it needs. Then, you can proudly say that you ve created an Ajax-enabled server control. The first step toward this goal is mastering the concept of script descriptors. A script descriptor is an object that can be used on the server side to generate a $create statement programmatically. To understand how script descriptors work and the reasons behind their usage, let s introduce some classes provided by the ASP.NET AJAX server framework.
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