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before() : authOperations() { if(_authenticatedSubject != null) { return; } try { authenticate(); } catch (LoginException ex) { throw new AuthenticationException(ex); } } private void authenticate() throws LoginException { LoginContext lc = new LoginContext("Sample", new TextCallbackHandler()); lc.login(); Authentication _authenticatedSubject = lc.getSubject(); logic } public static class AuthenticationException extends RuntimeException { public AuthenticationException(Exception cause) { super(cause); } } }
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Here we see the true power of conditions being expressions. What amounts to a switch construct is actually directly providing the parameter for a function call, without setting a variable first or wrapping itself in a function. Naturally because of our hardcoded mode, the alert will always be set to mauve. (Besides, as every Red Dwarf fan knows, red alert requires changing the light bulb!) This idea of conditions having results is a powerful one, so let s push it to its logical (or should that be illogical ) conclusion, with listing 3.22.
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The actual navigation is accomplished with the Redirect method of the HttpResponse class. It is the programmatic equivalent of a hyperlink, immediately transferring to the new page without first posting back to the server. The argument to the method is a string representing the URL of the target page. The URL can either be relative (as in this example) or absolute. In this example, it refers to a web page in the same directory as the current page. An absolute URL would be completely qualified, irrespective of the current location, such as http://
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RedShirt. For a detailed description of how data is stored in the Table service and
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International Mobile Equipment Identity (IMEI) Identifies a physical device. The
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Dim mult2 = Function(x As Integer) Function(y As Integer) x * y
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Figure 1.4 Mapping the N-dimensional concern space using a one-dimensional language. The orthogonality of concerns in the concern space is lost when it is mapped to one-dimensional implementation space.
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sim (Q , Di ) =
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Invoking an EJB from an applet 27 1.2 Invoking a remote EJB from another EJB 6 1.3 Accessing EJBs from a servlet 8 1.4 Invoking an EJB from a JavaServer Page 12
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Answers to Exercises
this.street = street;
Querying the Address Book
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