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The Employee bean class is a plain Java object that you map to your relational database. It has fields that hold state and, optionally, it has getter and setter methods to access this state. It must have, at minimum, a no-argument constructor (which may be the default, implicit constructor):
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Format content of arrays
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In the <SCRIPT_NAME> is the base name (no .fx extension) of the script to which the localization file applies, <LANG_CODE> is an ISO language code, and <REGION_CODE> is an ISO region code. To use the localized strings in our programs, we use a double # syntax, which has two variants, as follows:
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The portion of the web page that does contain the price quote is assembled and stored in a StringBuffer. A new instance is defined at the top of the method. The string buffer is returned at the end of the method.
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Building stand-alone applications with Ajax
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Customizing SQL
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$('textField').value = aNewValue;
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Most useful web sites make use of a database. ASP.NET provides controls that make it easy to connect to a database, and retrieve and edit data. The GridView is the most commonly used control for displaying data, although there are others. The GridView can sort data, and present it in pages, for easy reading. Data controls need to be bound to a data source to display data. To do that, you provide a DataSource control, which connects to the database and retrieves the data. You configure a DataSource control with a wizard that allows you to set a connection string, and then helps you construct a SQL query for retrieving data, or you can enter your own custom query. You create a new connection with the Add Connection dialog, and then you can save it in your web.config file for future use. The SQL SELECT statement allows you to specify which columns of data you want to retrieve, and from which table. The Wizard can configure this statement for you automatically. The SQL INSERT, UPDATE, and DELETE statements allow you to add, edit, and remove data, respectively. The Wizard can also generate these statements for you automatically, and you can easily add buttons to perform these functions in your GridView. Optimistic concurrency is a technique that protects your data by only changing the database if no one else has changed it since you read the data. Again, the Wizard can enable optimistic concurrency for you. The WHERE SQL clause filters the data you retrieve by specifying a condition for the data. A row will only be retrieved if that condition is true. You can create event handlers for the GridView, which enables you to take action on rows as they re bound, and also allows you to take action on rows as they re selected. You can provide parameters to the SELECT query, which enables you to display data in a GridView based on the value of another control, even another GridView. Adding the ability to access a database is arguably the most powerful improvement you can make to your site. It s easy see how accessing a database would make the Order Form site from previous chapters that much more useful. Even the best order form, though, can t retrieve the right data if users don t give it valid input if they enter a four-digit zip code, for example, or an improperly formatted credit card number. The whole thing would work much more smoothly if there was a way to check that the user s responses are valid before you spend the time to access the database. The good news is that ASP.NET provides such a way, called validation, and that s what you ll learn about in the next chapter.
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These options only make sense if the page mode is full screen. For instance,
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Most, if not all, graphics file formats can be identified by looking at the first few bytes of the file. Each format has its own characteristic sequence of bytes, called the signature. See the definition of png_size() and xcf_size() in the previous section for examples of this.
More actions The PdfAction object provides more actions for instance, an action to trigger an action in a Flash application that is embedded in the PDF but that will be discussed in chapter 16. In this section, we ll look at launch actions. We ll also talk about creating a chain of actions and about triggering actions with events.
In this example, you don t apply the filter to the collection element but to the <many-to-many>. Now the unqualified SELLER_ID column in the subquery references the target of the association, the ITEM table, not the CATEGORY_ITEM join table of the association. With annotations, you can apply a filter on a many-to-many association with @org.hibernate.annotations.FilterJoinTable(s) on the @ManyToMany field or getter method.
Sets a token filter that is used by the file copy tasks to do token substitution.
The JMS server sends a message to a message-driven bean. The MDB raises an exception or rolls back its transaction. As a result, the MDB container doesn t acknowledge the message. So the server attempts to redeliver the message. The message again causes the MDB to raise an exception or roll back its transaction. Once again, the server does not receive an acknowledgment. Rinse and repeat.
Viewing common system problems
hibernate-search.jar The core API and engine of Hibernate Search lucene-core.jar Apache Lucene engine hibernate-commons-annotations.jar Some common utilities for the Hibernate project
The Debug Menu
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