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[31] The RenderMan FAQ. [32] Damian Conway. Object Oriented Perl. Manning Publications Co., August 1999. [33] Simon Cozens and Tim Jenness. Extending and Embedding Perl. Manning Publications Co., July 2002. [34] Tom Christiansen and Nathan Torkington. Perl Cookbook. O'Reilly & Associates, Inc., first (minor corrections) edition, September 1998.
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If you get everything right, your software should be integrated. You can of course configure the interval trigger to run as often as you want. You can use another type of trigger, too. Let s look at the possibilities.
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* More accurately, the demands to which you feel inclined to accede.
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When ReaderProviders are created, they take into account the ReaderStrategy configuration property, which can have any full classname of an implementation (see for details), or use the shared and notshared keywords, the default value being shared. This option is present because one of the most time-consuming operations in Lucene is opening an IndexReader on a particular index. If your code has many users, and the reader strategy is set to notshared, this could result in performance problems depending on how often new index readers are needed. Using the shared IndexReader will make most queries much more efficient. To solve this problem and maximize performance, Hibernate Search caches all instances of IndexReader when the ReaderProvider is set to shared. This means that there are some simple additional good citizen rules that you ll have to follow:
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int truncated = (int) f4;
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Look at figure 9.7. The item object is in removed state after you call delete(); you shouldn t continue working with it, and, in most cases, you should make sure any reference to it
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a MIDlet cannot return to either the Active or Paused state. All resources must be released and persistent data must be saved. Any failure to enter a desired state is met with a MIDletStateChangeException. This exception is only valid during a call to destroyApp(boolean unconditional) when the unconditional flag is set to false. Otherwise, the MIDlet will still enter the Destroyed state no matter what is returned from a destroyApp(true) call.
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Programmatic locking becomes important when you want to ensure nonrepeatable reads on entity beans that may be read within the transaction but not updated.
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It is worth clarifying exactly when the finally block gets executed, under a few edge conditions. First, let s see what happens if we run our example application outside the debugger. If we do that (by pressing Ctrl-F5) we ll see that Windows Error Handling* materializes, and presents the user with an error dialog before we actually hit our finally block at all! It is like the runtime has inserted an extra catch block in our own (top-level) exception handler, rather than percolating up another level (and hence out of our scope, invoking the code in the finally block). And what happens when exceptions are thrown out of the exception handlers
The return of Java in small devices Throughout Java s history, Sun and other organizations have used Java in many sizes and shapes of computing devices. However, special attention and focus for using Java on small and often personal computing devices was not organized (and guided by specification) until the late 1990s. As more powerful computing and communication devices have recently been packed into smaller and more personal computing devices, a renewed interest has been placed in Java for these systems. In June of 1999, at the 1999 JavaOne conference, Sun introduced the three platform editions of Java: the J2SE, J2EE, and J2ME. As part of its unveiling of J2ME, Sun also introduced the first J2ME virtual machine, namely a preview version of the KVM or K Virtual Machine. The official return of Java in small devices was complete. For a more detailed look at Java s history and evolution and J2ME s place in this history, we encourage the interested reader to visit appendix C.
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