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Creating at least one user through the WAT sets up a Security database with all the tables that ASP.NET s forms-based security system will need to support your use of the forms-based security system. Your web.config file will be modified by the WAT to include the following line under <system.web>:
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declare warning : callToBlockingOperations() : "Please ensure you are not calling this from AWT thread";
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EJB 2 doesn t define any default transaction and security settings for EJBs. You have to specify the definitions yourself for each and every bean method in a session bean. If you don t, you ll see different behaviors in different EJB containers. As discussed in chapter 6, EJB 3 defines CMT as the default transaction management type for a bean, and REQUIRED as the default transaction attribute for bean methods. Therefore, you can simplify your transaction settings in your deployment descriptors by only specifying those that need a transaction attribute other than REQUIRED. Optionally, you can use annotations to define transaction settings. The same holds true for security settings. You can leave the security settings as is in the deployment descriptor, or use the security annotations discussed in chapter 6.
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is available in each instance method in Java to provide access to the execution object. The information contained in these three objects is of two types: dynamic information and static information:
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Implementing business rules with a rule engine
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Tab bars and toolbars
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Content for the UpdatePanel
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Add a data source to the project that refers to the Activity database table. We already did this back in 10, in the Creating a Data Source section. Select the Data Add New Data Source menu command, and use the Data Source Configuration Wizard to locate your Library database. When you reach the list of database objects, check the box next to the Activity table, and click the Finish button. You should now have a data source named LibraryDataSet. Figure 21-1 shows the elements added to the Solution Explorer and the Data Sources panel by this action.
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string baseUri = @""; HttpWebRequest hwr = Generates HttpWebRequest CreateHttpRequest(new Uri(baseUri +"podcasts/videopodcast01.wmv"), "GET", new TimeSpan(0, 0, 30)); // TODO: Range Header goes here Restricts download DownloadFile(hwr," videopodcast01.wmv");
javax.ejb.SessionBean; javax.naming.InitialContext; javax.sql.DataSource; java.sql.*;
private List images = new ArrayList(); ... public List getImages() { return this.images; } public void setImages(List images) { this.images = images; }
Web frameworks: WebWork, Struts, and Tapestry
<map name="speakers" table="event_speakers> <key column="event_id"/> <map-key-many-to-many column="speaker_key_id" class="SpeakerKey"/> <many-to-many column="speaker_id" class="Speaker"/> </map>
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