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This code enforces business rules that constrain the state of our business objects but don t execute data-access code. The motivation is to encapsulate business logic in classes of the domain model without any dependency on persistent data access. You might have discovered that this method of Item doesn t implement the check for the highest bid. Keep in mind that these classes should know nothing about persistence because we might need them outside the persistence context (for example, in the presentation tier). We could even implement Check the highest bid amount in this placeBid() method by iterating the collection of bids for the item and finding the highest amount. This isn t as performant as an HQL query, so we prefer to implement the check elsewhere later. Now, we simplify our action to the following:
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We start our tour of design patterns with the group known as the structural patterns. There are seven patterns that make up the structural group, each with the role of building flexibility, longevity, and security into computer software. The names of the patterns are important, so I ll introduce them immediately. They are: Decorator Proxy Bridge Composite Flyweight Adapter Fa ade Structural patterns are concerned with how classes and objects are composed to form larger structures. Of the many purposes of the seven structural patterns, here are 10: Add new functionality dynamically to existing objects, or remove it (Decorator). Control access to an object (Proxy). Create expensive objects on demand (Proxy). Enable development of the interface and implementation of a component to proceed independently (Bridge). Match otherwise incompatible interfaces (Adapter). Reduce the cost of working with large numbers of very small objects (Flyweight). Reorganize a system with many subsystems into identifiable layers with single entry points (Fa ade). Select or switch implementations at runtime (Bridge). Simplify the interface to a complex subsystem (Fa ade). Treat single objects and composite objects in the same way (Composite).
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Listing 10.4 A sample init method for preparing an object
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Creating advanced view controllers
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User dhurwitz jliberty rhampster Password dan123! jesse123! rich123! Role Employee Customer Manager
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qr code jis x 0510 data locate with microsoft excel<indexname>.indexwriter.transaction.merge_factor<indexname>.indexwriter. transaction.max_merge_docs<indexname>.indexwriter. transaction.ram_buffer_size The indexname can be replaced by default if you want to define global values. merge_factor determines how often segments are merged with each other when insertions in the Lucene index occurs. The lower the merge_factor, the fewer seg
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Creating a skin: the ProgressSkin class
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You may have noticed that the and and or operators use doubled symbols (&& and ||) instead of single ones (& and |). The single symbols are for logical or bitwise operations, which you don t need to bother with in this chapter.
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Figure 5.5 The CatalogZone uses its footer section to provide controls that allow the user to choose where to add web parts on the page.
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Of the four variables, lineCap and lineJoin will be used pretty infrequently and miterLimit even less so. Most of the time, you ll be happy with the defaults butt for lineCap, miter for lineJoin, and no miter limit. But lineWidth is of more relevance. This is the value that most drawing programs call the stroke width. It s initially set to a unit of 1 pixel, and if you need thicker lines, this is the value to change. There s still a bit more that you can do to modify your shapes and lines: you can choose not to show some of them.
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Catalog of Java patterns: html Classloading in Oracle9iAS Containers for J2EE, by Bryan Atsatt and Debu Panda: Core J2EE Patterns Data Access Objects: Patterns/DataAccessObject.html Eclipse Dali Project: Essays on O/R mapping by Scott W. Ambler: html IBM s SOA and Web Services page: Inversion of Control Containers and the Dependency Injection Pattern, by Martin Fowler: Java BluePrints: Java 5 Metadata Annotations: Making the Most of Java s Metadata, by Jason Hunter: pub/articles/hunter_meta.html Migrate J2EE Applications for EJB 3.0, by Debu Panda: 2005_07/magazine/features/dpanda/ Migrating JDBC Data Access Objects to Use EJB3, by Debu Panda: l=MigratingJDBC Representational State Transfer: Transfer Standardizing Java Persistence with the EJB3 Java Persistence API, by Debu Panda: W3C Consortium on web services: Web Services and Other Distributed Technologies, Microsoft Developer Network: http:// Windows Communication Foundation: communication/default.aspx WS-I (Web Services Interoperability) Organization: XDoclet: Attribute-Oriented Programming: html
Earlier we recommended using variable names that are long enough to be descriptive, so you might be raising an eyebrow over the use of i as a variable name. There s a convention with for loops where the iteration variable just counts up from zero short variable names such as i, j, k, x, and y are often used. It s not a universal convention, but you ll see it widely used, particularly with short loops. We re using this convention in Example 2-14 only because you will come across it sooner or later, and so we felt it was important to show it. But it s arguably not an especially good way to write clear code, so feel free to choose more meaningful names in your own code.
director.setIndentationLeft(indent); document.add(director); indent += 20; } Paragraph country; indent = 20; for (Country pojo : movie.getCountries()) { country = new Paragraph(PojoToElementFactory.getCountryPhrase(pojo)); country.setAlignment(Element.ALIGN_RIGHT); country.setIndentationRight(indent); document.add(country); indent += 20; } Paragraph info = createYearAndDuration(movie); info.setAlignment(Element.ALIGN_CENTER); info.setSpacingAfter(36); document.add(info); }
What s the Windows Azure platform
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Listing 6.5 XML deployment descriptor for the OrderRequestReceiverMDB
Obtain the Source Using Subversion SCM
Listing 10.2 Example bean home interface
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