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If synchronized is used on a static method, the entire class is synchronized, preventing its use by other threads during this timeframe. When instance methods are synchronized, it is the object that blocks other threads and the class is still accessible.
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Introducing the concept of direct content
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Source Listing
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The if statement examples we ve looked at so far just decide whether to execute some optional code, but what if we want to choose between two actions An if statement can optionally include an else section that runs if the condition was false, as in this hypothetical post-race example:
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Case 5 : Return "Five" Case 6 : Return "Six" Case 7 : Return "Seven" Case 8 : Return "Eight" Case 9 : Return "Nine" Case Else : Return "Out of range" End Select End Function End Class
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What happens if you have conflicting names Imagine the interface ISettable NamedPerson:
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Now that you are familiar with compiling and running programs written in AspectJ, let s see how you can use the AspectJ Ant task for other jobs, such as creating and using libraries. We ll also look at setting the AspectJ Ant task to compile source files incrementally.
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Private ActiveCheckOutPatron As Integer = -1 Private Const StatusImageBad As Integer = 0 Private Const StatusImageGood As Integer = 1
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Working with text, via strings Listing 2.12 Strings with embedded expressions
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Finally, we configure the upload progress template, which is shown to users after they click the Upload button. We display a progress bar using the supplied SlickUpload controls. If we wanted, though, we could show much more information, including the file count, current file being uploaded, upload speed, and time remaining. Our site, in figure 5.5, shows the progress bar and percentage complete.
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Acquires an instance of the TimerService
The getResource() method attempts to obtain a resource with a description that matches the ResourceDescription argument. If there is no matching resource,
The End and Stop statements bring an immediate halt to your Visual Basic application. The End statement exits your program immediately, aborting all further code and data processing (although certain acquired resources are cleaned up). The Stop statement suspends processing only when you are running your application within a debugger, such as the Visual Studio development environment. Stop returns control to the environment, allowing the developer to examine and possibly alter data and code before continuing on with the program. If a Stop is encountered in a standalone application running outside the debugger, it prompts the user to debug the application using any debugger installed on the workstation. Needless to say, the user will not be amused.
The value of the name parameter in @Resource (or res-ref-name) is translated to a fully qualified JNDI mapping in the form java:comp/env/[value of the name parameter] (see the accompanying sidebar). In our example, the complete JNDI path for the resource will be java:comp/env/jdbc/actionBazaarDB. If you don t specify the name element in the @Resource annotation, the JNDI name for the resource will be of the form java:comp/env/ [bean class name including package]/ [name of the annotated field/property]. If we didn t specify the name element in the @Resource annotation, the container would use java:comp/env/actionbazaar.buslogic.PlaceBidBean/dataSource as the JNDI name.
Performance considerations
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