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Once you re working on the <body> of your iUI web page, you can start using the package s unique styles. This will typically begin with a toolbar, as shown in listing 5.2.
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Applying filters to a query
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@Entity @Table(name = "USERS") @IdClass(UserId.class) public class User { @Id private String username; @Id private String departmentNr; // Accessor methods, etc. ... }
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foreach (Book testBook in resultsAuthor) { Console.WriteLine("{0}, by {1}", testBook.Title, testBook.Author); }
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Notice that in the service definition file, you specify only the name of the setting; you don t set the configured value at this point.
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The code that creates the ControlPanel class will look very familiar. It s just a variation on the JSR 223 scripting engine code you saw earlier in listing 11.2. Listing 11.5 is the second half of our Game class fragments. It shows the method getJavaFX() using the JavaFX Script scripting engine.
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10.2 JUnit
Now if Entity were to implement both Nameable and Identifiable without using AspectJ, we would have to implement one of the interfaces and extend the other s default implementation. When we use the default interface idiom, all we need to do is declare that the Entity class implements both the interfaces, and we are done. As you can see in listing 8.37, the nested aspect inside Identifiable is similar to the one in Nameable.
The Activity class is part of the android.app Java package, found in the Android runtime. The Android runtime is deployed in the android.jar file. The class Activity1 extends the class Activity, which we ll examine in detail in chapter 3. One of the primary tasks an Activity performs is displaying UI elements, which are implemented as Views and are typically defined in XML layout files. 3 goes into more detail on Views and Resources. Moving from one Activity to another is accomplished with the startActivity() method or the startActivityForResult() method when you want a synchronous call/result paradigm. The argument to these methods is an instance of an Intent. The Activity represents a visible application component within Android. With assistance from the View class, which we ll cover in chapter 3, the Activity is the most
Hibernate in a web application
Only 12% of phones sold in the fourth quarter of 2008 were smartphones: http://www.gartner.com/it/ page.jsp id=910112.
Sam Stephenson (2004) Open source http://prototype.conio.net/
The findItemById() method produces an immediate SQL SELECT that returns the Item instance. Because the method is marked as not supporting a transaction context, no transaction is started for this operation, and any existing transaction
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