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3: C# Language Fundamentals |
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But first, you need to configure the build agent. You do this on the server side using the Team Foundation Administration Console, which you can run from the Start menu. Choose Build Configuration from the tree beneath your server name, and select Configure Installed Feature. Start the configuration wizard, and follow these instructions:
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We will discuss three major types of antipatterns in this chapter. Some can be addressed with impartial solutions, and we ll talk you through the strengths and weaknesses of each one. Here are the areas that we ll address:
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With PdfCopy, we can add content to a PdfImportedPage using a PdfCopy.PageStamp object. Such an object can be obtained with the createPageStamp() method B. This object has two methods for getting a direct content layer: getUnderContent() and getOverContent(). These methods return a PdfCopy.StampContent object. PdfCopy. StampContent extends PdfContentByte, and you can use it just as you d use any other PdfContentByte object. In listing 6.22, you use it to add text at an absolute position C. There s one caveat: you mustn t forget to invoke the alterContents() method D.
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FAQ Can I fill out any PDF form and save it locally using Adobe Reader No, you can only save forms filled out manually with Adobe Reader if they have been Reader-enabled.
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In case you think we re repeating ourselves by saying You can save lots of money twice, well, it s the key point: you can save a lot. We re often involved in large-scale systems for which the infrastructure costs millions (and most of the time, the servers sit idle). That s not including the cost of running these systems. The equivalent systems in Azure are about 10 percent of the cost. With that in mind, this section will show you a few of the ways the Windows Azure platform can help you out and save lots of money.
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There is also a Peek method that looks at the topmost item, but doesn t remove it from the stack. The thing with stacks (and other similar collections) is that you don t have to put just one type of object into the stack. You can mix any ol types of objects you want.
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Second, note that the previous IBOutlet command shows that the controller isn t instantiated directly from the UIViewController class. Rather, it s instantiated from
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This is a rather more complex connection string than the one we saw back in Example 14-1, because the Entity Framework needs three things in its connection string: information on where to find the EDM definition, the type of underlying database provider to use, and the connection string to pass to that underlying provider. This last
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final Long id = txWrapper.wrapInTx(new Callable<Long>() { @Override public Long call() throws Exception { // Create a new Employee final EmployeeWithProperties employee = new EmployeeWithProperties employee.setImage(image); employee.setSince(since); employee.setType(type); employee.setCurrentAssignment(currentAssignment);
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We ve been promising for a while that you re going to be amazed by how simple it is to write things using the SDK. Granted, your Hello, World! program may not be as easy as a single printf statement, but nonetheless it s pretty simple considering that you re dealing with a complex, windowed UI environment. As promised, you ll be writing everything inside the applicationDidFinishingLaunching method, as shown in listing 11.4.
Figure 5-4. Singleton pattern illustration the Mac Dock
this.name.setText(currentReview.name); this.rating.setText(currentReview.rating); this.location.setText(currentReview.location); this.review.setText(currentReview.content); if ((currentReview.phone != null) && !currentReview.phone.equals("")) { this.phone.setText(currentReview.phone); } else { this.phone.setText("NA"); } } @Override public boolean onCreateOptionsMenu(Menu menu) { super.onCreateOptionsMenu(menu); menu.add(0, ReviewDetail.MENU_WEB_REVIEW, 0, R.string.menu_web_review).setIcon( android.R.drawable.ic_menu_info_details); menu.add(0, ReviewDetail.MENU_MAP_REVIEW, 1, R.string.menu_map_review).setIcon( android.R.drawable.ic_menu_mapmode); menu.add(0, ReviewDetail.MENU_CALL_REVIEW, 2, R.string.menu_call_review).setIcon( android.R.drawable.ic_menu_call); return true; } ...
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var cat = new Cat(); cat.speak();
The next class we are going to examine is the EventDao. This class is built off the basic AbstractDao, which you built in chapter 7. In this case, you are just going to look at the findEventsFor() method:
In some implementations of the Generic Connection Framework it is necessary to specify the IP address rather than the domain name.
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