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The next portion of code generates the Article (x of y) : RSS Item Title. The link attribute of the RSS item is used to generate the HREF of the anchor produced, and the title of the item is used to generate the text of the anchor. This code also provides CSS class names for both the prompt and the title, as illustrated in figure 13.16.
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Find album AddSet setname AddPhoto photoname1 AddPhoto photoname2 ... Display
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Name: Frilly Pink Shirt Description: A Frilly Pink Shirt ThumbnailUri: frillypinkshirt.png
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in the CalendarModel, which sorts them.
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Let s modify our TravelAgent EJB bean class to use this annotation:
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The first thing you need is the root of the outline tree. You can get this with the getRootOutline() method B. During the creating of the document, you can use this root PdfOutline to create children C. The constructor of the PdfOutline class accepts four parameters:
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public class ListBox : Control { public virtual void Sort( ) {...} }
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Because these variables are value types, independent of one another, the first variable is unaffected. Only the copy is changed, as illustrated in Figure 7-3.
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an asynchronous request, and assign the response to the innerHTML of a DOM element in the current document. We use that approach in chapter 12 in our XSLT-driven phonebook, so we won t reproduce a full example here.
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[[UIDevice currentDevice] beginGeneratingDeviceOrientationNotifications]; [[NSNotificationCenter defaultCenter] addObserver:self selector:@selector(deviceDidRotate:)
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Listing 2.8 MovieParagraphs1
A sample domain model
Adding diagnostic output at the debug level can help troubleshoot errant property values, yet the output will not be seen during normal builds. Run ant debug to see such output. 56. Add a debug target. Adding a debug target with no dependencies with an <echoproperties> can shed light on possible misconfiguration.
If you ve written any code that manipulates paths before, you ll have come across the leading/trailing slash dilemma. Does your path fragment have one or not You also need to know whether the path fragment you re going to append really is a relative path are there circumstances under which you might need to deal with a fully qualified path instead Path.Combine does away with all that anxiety. Not only will it check all those things for you and do the right thing, but it will even check that your paths contain only valid path characters. Table 11-5 contains some example paths, and the result of combining them with Path.Combine.
org.hibernate.search.FullTextQuery hibQuery = session.createFullTextQuery(query, Dvd.class); List<Dvd> results = hibQuery.list(); assert results.size() == 9: "incorrect hit count"; assert results.get(0).getTitle() .equals("Films of Faith Collection"); for (Dvd dvd : results) { System.out.println(dvd.getTitle()); } for (Object element : session.createQuery("from " + Dvd.class.getName()).list()) ssession.delete(element); tx.commit(); } finally { session.close(); } } private void buildIndex(FullTextSession session, Transaction tx) { for (int x = 0; x < titles.length; x++) { Dvd dvd = new Dvd(); dvd.setTitle(titles[x]); dvd.setDescription(descs[x]); dvd.setId(x); session.save(dvd); } tx.commit(); session.clear(); } } description:nun title:story Films of Faith Collection Dragonfly Toy Story The Philadelphia Story Toy Story 2 The Nun's Story
Using Dynamic SQL
Android development takes place in the Java Perspective.
package auth; import org.aspectj.lang.JoinPoint; import java.security.*; import javax.security.auth.Subject; import javax.security.auth.login.*; import com.sun.security.auth.callback.TextCallbackHandler; public abstract aspect AbstractAuthAspect {
again tries to find the itemEditor component in all contexts. The itemEditor from the (demoted but still active) conversation context is used, and getItemId() returns a value. The user therefore sees the input field not empty, but showing the same search value that was entered at the beginning of the conversation. When Render Response completes, Seam removes the demoted conversation context and destroys all stateful components instances that live in that context. The destroy() method is called on the EditItemBean. Because it s marked with @Remove, the EJB 3.0 container also cleans up the stateful session bean internally. The user now sees the search page and can begin another conversation. If you ve never used JSF, this is a lot of new information to digest. On the other hand, if you re familiar with JSF, you can see that Seam is basically listening to the processing phases of the JSF servlet and replacing the variable resolver for value and action bindings with a more powerful variation. We ve barely scratched the surface of Seam with this trivial application. Let s discuss some more interesting and advanced features of Seam that make creating complex web applications with a database back end just as easy.
import javax.microedition.midlet.*; public class RetrieveQuoteMIDlet extends MIDlet{ public RetrieveQuoteMIDlet () { } protected void startApp() { } protected void pauseApp() { } protected void destroyApp(boolean unconditional) { } }
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