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The RSSReader class will perform functions related to manipulation of the Model and View classes to coordinate all of the activities associated with the reader. Recall that the RSS reader provides a slideshow-type interface to the feeds where each article is presented for a certain period of time, and then a transition effect is created to move from one article to the next. Buttons are provided to move backward and forward within the articles, as well as pause and resume the slideshow. Finally, a select list and an add button are provided to add supplemental feeds to the initial set of RSS feeds in the list. The RSS reader has to perform five categories of behaviors to implement these features, as outlined here:
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Now that you ve found an adequate startup routine, we ll show you how to add this routine to your application. The compiler handles the assembly file just like a C language file:
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As of this writing, the listController code included with the Browser template isn t sufficiently generalized to make new code plug-and-play (because the template includes methods specifically needed for its built-in ski resorts example). But the template does do a good job of showing you a functional example of a list, and that should be a good starting point for doing your own coding.
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The before advice in SaveEnergyAspect to run before the HomeSecurityAspect before advice
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document.add(new Paragraph("Ascent Helvetica: " + bf_helv.getAscentPoint(foobar, 12))); document.add(new Paragraph("Descent Helvetica: " + bf_helv.getDescentPoint(foobar, 12)));
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protected void startApp() { displayMngr = Display.getDisplay(this); displayChartCanvas(); }
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Use the following to JAR the application into a file named io.jar.
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Implementing the domain model
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objects known as listeners, which take the output and write it to a specific output device. Once we have tracing statements in our code, we can configure our pages to have these statements appear at the bottom of the page at runtime. This is useful for accessing important debug information quickly and is accomplished simply by setting the trace directive of the page to true as shown in the following snippet:
Element/Attribute Name service-ref-name Description The name used to bind the referenced web service into the ENC. Same as the name element in the @WebServiceRef annotation. Fully qualified class for the JAX-WS service interface the client depends on, i.e., javax.xml.rpc.Service. Type of service that will be returned. The URL location of the WSDL. Defines handler chain. Target where the web service reference is injected when dependency injection is used.
// constructor try{ javax.naming.Context jndiCtx = new javax.naming.InitialContext(); javax.sql.DataSource ds = (javax.sql.DataSource) jndiCtx.lookup("java:comp/env/jdbc/CustomerDB"); cDAO = new CustomerDAO(ds); Passes data source } catch (Exception e) { to DAO constructor throw new EJBException(e); } } public void ejbRemove() { } // restore Data Access Object when activated public void ejbActivate() { buildDAO(); } public void ejbPassivate() { } public void setSessionContext(javax.ejb.SessionContext ctx) { this.ctx = ctx; } }
With these changes in place, our portal is now ready for users to begin making changes to the content that will be hidden from public view until they are approved. The only code needing to be created is the logic that ensures the Approve Content button is only visible to users within specific access rights presumably users with content management rights. In order to keep this simple, I haven t added that code to our portal solution. When you run the page and click on the Approve Content Changes button, you will see that the Common Tasks area looks as it did in figure 8.6 and that the catalog zone is displayed. While the page is in revise mode, make some changes to the content such as adding or removing web parts or moving them around and then click on End Revising Content to see that the changes are not visible in normal viewing mode. Place the page into revise mode again so you can approve the changes, and after doing so click on the End Revising Content button once again and you will see that the changes are now visible to all portal users. I mentioned before that when our page is placed into revise mode, the catalog is displayed to allow new web parts to be added. When the CatalogZone is displayed you can see that it appears on the right side of the page, just underneath the Useful Links list as shown in figure 8.7. Having the tool zones appear within the structural area of the page is not bad for sites Figure 8.7 Editors and Catalogs are with a design such as ours, which is mainly displayed in task zones that are withrectangular with a fair amount of free space. in the content area of the page.
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