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For more information on memory management, including a look at the copy method and how this all interacts with properties, look at Apple s Objective-C references.
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We ll show you the most common XML tags used for XML documentation. For the source code, you ll use the financial library project. It s a perfect target for documentation, because it s used across multiple projects as the central point for lease and loan calculations. Let s use the Finance class from the CiDotNet.Calc.Math namespace (it resides in CiDotNet.Calc). The XML tag you ll use the most is shown in the following listing.
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Solution to Exercise 16-4. Modify the test code you wrote in Exercise 16-3 so that it does not throw an error. Create a custom error type CustomCatError that derives from System.ApplicationException, and create a handler for it. Add a method to CatManager that checks the cat s age and throws a new error of type CustomCatError if the age is less than or equal to 0, with an appropriate message. Write some test code to test your new exception. This exercise is similar to Exercise 16-3, but this time you ll need to create a custom error class. Fortunately, the custom error class is empty and simply passes the exception message to its base class, so that s not too hard. Because the system can t throw your custom exception automatically, you ll need to add a TestCat( ) method to test the cat s age and, if appropriate, throw a new CustomCatError object with an appropriate message. Our solution is in Example A-49.
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<junit printsummary="false" haltonfailure="true"> <classpath refid="test.classpath"/> <formatter type="brief" usefile="false"/> <formatter type="xml"/> <test todir="${test.data.dir}" name="org.example.antbook.ant.lucene.HtmlDocumentTest"/> </junit>
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Let s have a closer look at each element.
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Hibernate s custom collection implementations have another impact on your persistent classes. When you re creating the accessor methods for the collection classes, it s important to declare the collection interface, from the java.util package, instead of having a class implement the
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Querying with HQL and JPA QL
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Usually, you use an ORDER BY with paginated queries, however. Even though you don t need a FROM clause in a collection filter, you may have one if you like. A collection filter doesn t even need to return elements of the collection being filtered. The next query returns any Category with the same name as a category in the given collection:
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In this chapter you will be introduced to the fundamental pieces that make up J2ME. These include configurations, profiles, and virtual machines. However, before delving into these pieces of the architecture, let us first discuss the goals of the J2ME architecture.
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From the command line, we specify the configuration file and invoke the fail target:
public int read() throws IOException { if (queuedData != null && queuedData.length() == 0) { queuedData = null; } int ch = -1; if (queuedData != null) { ch = queuedData.charAt(0); Pulls one queuedData = queuedData.substring(1); character at if (queuedData.length() == 0) { a time from queuedData = null; the queue } } else { ch = in.read(); if (ch == -1) { return ch; End of data } queuedData = getEscapeString(ch); if (queuedData != null) { return read(); Starts reading from the queue } } return ch; } private String getEscapeString(int ch) { String output = null;
Sets a scaling factor for all drawing. Basically, this increases or decreases the size of the canvas grid when drawing. Changing the scale impacts the width of pens. If you scale the world by a factor of two, not only do distances appear to be twice as far apart, but all pens draw twice as thick as when unscaled.
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Visitor Pattern |
Figure 1.7 PDF document opened in WordPad
Add a <version> or a <timestamp> mapping, and a property, to your entity. Hibernate manages both values internally for optimistic concurrency control (discussed later in the book). As a side effect, an empty timestamp or a 0 or NULL version indicates that an instance is new and has to be inserted, not updated. Implement a Hibernate Interceptor, and hook it into your Session. This extension interface allows you to implement the method isTransient() with any custom procedure you may need to distinguish old and new objects.
As we previously mentioned, the Ajax programming pattern consists of a set of existing technologies brought together in an imaginative way, resulting in a richer and more engaging user experience. The following are the main pillars of the Ajax programming pattern and the role they play in its model:
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