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Record store names can be up to 32 characters (Unicode characters) long and are casesensitive. Record stores that are not part of the same MIDlet suite may have the same name. If a MIDlet is not part of a suite, in essence it is a virtual suite containing that single MIDlet. In this case, the MIDlet owns the record store. When the MIDlet is removed from the platform, so too should the record store be removed. Each time the record store is modified, the platform stamps the database with a date and time stamp in the form of a long integer. Specifically, the record store is stamped with a long integer returned from a call to System.currentTimeMillis(). This method call returns the number of milliseconds since January 1, 1970 at 12:00 a.m. The platform is also required to stamp the record store with a version number each time the database is modified. The version number gets incremented with each modification. The RMS implementer determines the initial version number, but it must be greater than 0. Both the date/time and version stamps assist the platform in synchronizing the database, as discussed subsequently, but they can also be accessed and used by the application. As with most implementation aspects of the RMS, the platform implementer must provide atomic, synchronous, and serialized access to the record store, guaranteeing no corruption of the database even across multiple accesses. The MIDP applications are not provided a means to lock individual records or the entire record store through the RMS API. And while the platform implementer ensures the integrity of the data, an MIDP application that uses multiple threads must take special care when updating the record store to avoid overwriting data provided by a previous thread. For example, if two threads, A and B, are processing data and both attempt to update record X, the record store implementation guarantees that both A and B safely be allowed to update X without data corruption or system failure. In fact, calls to the record store are serialized to avoid simultaneous access. In this example, A is allowed to update record X and then B is allowed to update record X. However, the MIDP application has the responsibility to prevent or resolve issues surrounding the fact that thread B has overwritten thread A s update. With no locking of the record or record store, undesired consequences can result. In this example, thread A may behave incorrectly if it continues to operate on the assumption that data in the record store is data it updated. An MIDP application updating a record store with multiple threads can and should make use of the record store timestamp and version number to check on previous updates. 6.2.2 Records in the record store Again, a record is a simple byte array. Each record within the record store has a unique integer identifier called a recordId. The first record created in a record store has a recordId of 1. The recordId is incremented for each record added to the record store. Using the analogy of a spreadsheet to represent a record store, a byte is represented by a cell and each byte array can be thought of as a series of cells within the record store that is identified by the recordId, as shown in figure 6.3.
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Listing 19.12 Using AutoMappedViewResult in an action
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public aspect DetectSwingSingleThreadRuleViolationAspect { pointcut viewMethodCalls() Calls to UI : call(* javax..JComponent+.*(..)); component methods
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To assign a style class to an element, we simply declare a class attribute in the HTML tag, such as
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9.3.2 The @hibernate.component tag
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<Browsable(False)> _ Public Property SecretProperty( ) As String...
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Define the as incomplete, and add it to the Document in different pieces; you ll see how to do this in chapter 4, after we discuss another LargeElement, PdfPTable. Create the outline tree using PdfOutline instead of putting content in or Section objects. This will be discussed in chapter 7, where you ll discover that PdfOutline offers much more flexibility.
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10.3.2 Windows and views As the UI classes demonstrate, the iPhone OS is deeply rooted in the idea of a graphical user interface. Therefore, let s finish our introduction to the iPhone OS by looking at some of the main graphical abstractions embedded in the UIKit. There are three major abstractions: windows, views, and view controllers. A window is something that spans the entire screen of the iPhone. There s only one of them for your application, and it s the overall container for everything that your application does. A view is the actual content holder in your application. You may have several of them, each covering different parts of the window or doing different things at different times. They re all derived from the UIView class. However, don t just think of a view as a blank container. In actuality, almost any object that you use from the UIKit will be a subclass of UIView that features a lot of behavior all of its own. Among the major subclasses of UIView are UIControls, which give you buttons, sliders, and other items that users may manipulate your program with, and UIScrollableViews, which give users access to more text than can appear at once. A view controller does what its name suggests. It acts as the controller element of the MVC model and in the process manages a screenful of text, which is sometimes called an application view. As such, it takes care of events and updating for your view. In this book, we ve divided view controllers into two types. Basic view controllers are those which just manage a screenful of text (such as the table view controller), while advanced view controllers are those that let a user move around among several pages of text (such as the navigation bar controller and the tab bar controller). Figure 10.6 shows how these three types of objects interrelate.
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DAO rationale Configuration A SQL Map DAO example
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Your available space will go down slightly when you create empty directories and files. This reflects the fact that such items consume space on disk even though they are nominally empty.
You include a viewport meta tag reference B to this page, making it scale nicely to the Android device window. The first input text box C accepts a phone number to be passed to the PlaceCall function D. Note the fully qualified name of the function: window.unlockingandroid.PlaceCall. Likewise, the Info function e is called, passing in a static string. The alert function F is invoked; this is the same alert function web developers have been using for over a decade. You ll see how this function is handled later when we review the WebChromeClient implementation. Also, for a later demonstration of the WebViewClient, the SetSearchTerm function G passes a user-supplied textual string to the Figure 16.12 Entering a phone code, which is subsequently managed by the JavaScript number in the web page interface in the Java code. A link to Google s home search page H is provided to demonstrate traditional links and to provide a launching point for the WebViewClient demo. As you can see, the JavaScript side of things is simple. All you have to do is prefix the function name with the namespace used when the code was registered in the SDK code side of our hybrid application. Note that the structure of the JavaScript interface technique permits adding multiple JavaScript handlers, each registered independently and uniquely identified with their own namespace. Figure 16.12 shows the collection of a phone number in the browser window. Once the user clicks the button, the window. unlockingandroid.PlaceCall function is invoked, passing in the value of the input text field. From here, the Java code behind the PlaceCall function creates the Intent to start the dial action. Figure 16.13 shows the number ready to be dialed. Figure 16.13 Ready to dial!
Table 8.4 ID A B C D E Benchmark results for ClickBox example code Reuse DOM Nodes N N N Y Y Unlink On Hide N N Y N N Break Cyclic Refs N Y N N Y Final Memory Use (IE) 166MB 84.5MB 428MB 14.9MB 14.6MB continued on next page
10: Behavioral Patterns: Visitor, Interpreter, and Memento
JAXP API SAX Interface DOM Interface XSLT Interface
Figure 3.6 Passing a return object context to an advice body. The return object is captured in returning() by specifying the type and object ID.
16.2.2 Implementing the generic CRUD interface
The checkError function can become part of your toolbox moving forward. Because it extends the WebRequestExecutor object through the prototype property (see chapter 3 for details), you can use it conveniently in future projects. This concludes our general overview of how to communicate with local services from the client. In some cases, you want to reach out to external services in the same domain or outside. In the next section, we ll address a few approaches that work with ASP.NET AJAX.
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