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The next example shows how blogs work. In terms of what Observers can achieve, it is not a very complex example, but it is interactive and therefore enables us to see the dynamics of the pattern. Consider Figure 9-10.
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net.ContentLoader=function (url,onload,onerror,method,params,contentType){
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Why would you want to intercept an EJB callback One concrete example is when you want to create and define your own injection annotations. The EJB specification has a bunch of annotations for injecting Java EE resources, services, and EJB references into your bean classes. Some application servers or applications like to use JNDI as a global registry for configuration or for non-Java EE services. Unfortunately, the specification defines no way to inject something directly from global JNDI into your beans. What we can do is define our own annotation for providing this functionality and implement it as an interceptor. The first thing we must do is to define the annotation we will use to inject from JNDI:
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The concept of iterators and enumerators (also called generators) has been around for a long time. Enumerators are responsible for producing the next element in a sequence defined by certain criteria. Such a sequence is said to be enumerable. Examples might be the next prime number or the next product order sorted by date. The iterator is the means by which we cycle through this sequence of elements from beginning to end. Over the past five years, developments in language and compiler technology have wrought a revolution in loop programming. Iteration over any collection of any data type is now linked to a more compact, yet versatile, type-specific enumerator. The inspiration for this new way of thinking comes from the database world (SQL) as well as the functional world (Haskell and Mondrian). Consider the following C# 3.0 statements:
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A strategy to manage application globals in an Android application is to provide an implementation of the class B. This class is accessible to every Activity, Service, BroadcastReceiver, and ContentProvider within a given application, and as such is a convenient means of sharing information. In this case you implement a simple pair of setter/getter methods for managing the search term C. When a user clicks the Set Search Term button in the browser control, the code gets a reference to the implementation D and then updates the search term E. With the search term safely stored, it s time to navigate the web.
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Figure 3.5 Both the ObtainQuote and RetrieveQuote applications of the tutorial will share the same database. One application (ObtainQuote) will use the database to store investment price data it obtains from a QuoteService. The other application (RetrieveQuote) will use the database to retrieve historical price information for display to the customer.
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As we noted in 6, this is called encapsulation, which, along with polymorphism and specialization, is one of three cardinal principles of object-oriented programming. 11 discusses polymorphism and inheritance. An old programming joke asks: how many object-oriented programmers does it take to change a lightbulb Answer: none, you just tell the lightbulb to change itself. This chapter explains the C# language features that are used to specify new classes. The elements of a class its behaviors and its state are known collectively as its class members. Class behavior is created by writing methods (sometimes called member functions). A method is a routine that every object of the class can execute. For example, a Dog class might have a Bark method, and a listbox class might have a Sort method. Class state is maintained by fields (sometimes called member variables). Fields may be primitive types (an int to hold the age of the dog or a set of strings to hold the contents of the listbox), or fields may be objects of other classes (for example, an Employee class may have a field of type Address). Finally, classes may also have properties, which act like methods to the creator of the class, but look like fields to clients of the class. A client is any object that interacts with instances of the class.
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Proxy element
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This interface is exactly the same as before except it does not extend EJBLocalHome. The session bean implements the UserLocalHome interface and implements all factory methods using the EntityManager API as follows:
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Table 8.3 JDBC allows good flexibility but forces developers to look elsewhere for security, distribution, and transaction support. The usage is simple, but relational databases and object-oriented programs process data in fundamentally different ways. JDBC J2EE integration Security J2EE integration Remote access (to entity logic) J2EE integration JTA J2EE integration JCA No No
I mentioned widening and narrowing conversions in passing in 2, but let s examine them in more depth. When you convert between some core data types in Visual Basic, there is a chance that it will sometimes fail because the source value cannot fit into the destination value. This is true when converting a Short value to a Byte.
Checklists are helpful at all phases of a project to reduce risk by ensuring critical aspects of a project have been considered. Not every item in the checklist provided will pertain to every project. It is the team s responsibility to assess the applicability of each item and the degree to which it needs to be considered. The checklist should be expanded and modified on each project, as the team learns more about what needs to be considered on each project. This allows the organization one method for improving how software is developed and to learn from past mistakes.
Figure 8.11 The table-per-class inheritance strategy. Super- and subclasses are stored in their own, entirely unrelated tables.
We could have left out the extension method features altogether by simply omitting the Extension attribute. Then, calls for author formatting would look like this:
Finally, we create our new output string, by using the Substring method we looked at earlier. Notice how we ve avoided creating strings unnecessarily; we don t build up the results as we go along, and we don t create new strings in the no change and empty cases. (We could have written a much shorter function if we weren t worried about this: inputString.Trim().Trim(characters) would have done the whole job! However, with two calls to Trim, we end up generating two new strings instead of one. You d need to measure your code s performance in realistic test scenarios to find out whether the more complex code in Example 10-79 is worth the effort. We re showing it mainly to illustrate how to dig around inside a string.) The interesting new bit of code, though, is that char.IsWhitespace method.
private final LocationListener locationListenerGetBuoyData = new LocationListener() { public void onLocationChanged( Implement onLocationChanged final Location loc) { int lat = (int) (loc.getLatitude() * LocationHelper.MILLION); Get latitude int lon = (int) (loc.getLongitude() and longitude * LocationHelper.MILLION); GeoPoint geoPoint = new GeoPoint(lat, lon); Create GeoPoint getBuoyData(geoPoint); Update map } pins (buoy data)
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