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Forward then back through rotors
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Lucene comes with built-in Filter implementations, but you can implement your own strategy quite easily. We ll walk through a few practical examples in the next section, but now let s have a look at some of the built-in Filter implementations to become more familiar with the concept:
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When you click on a control in either Design or Source view, its properties are shown in the Properties window. You can change any property value in the Properties window or directly in Source view, and any changes you make will be reflected in both places immediately.
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e.Graphics.TranslateTransform(pageLeft, pageTop) e.Graphics.ScaleTransform(useRatio, useRatio)
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JavaFX Script code and structure
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defines a limited number of pseudo-selectors. We ll present a few of the more useful ones here. For example:
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Issues in J2EE MVC architecture
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While you may invoke this method from any type of EJB, it will actually succeed only inside EJBs that can manage their own transactions and only session beans and message-driven beans are free to manage their own transactions. If an entity bean makes a call to this method, it will result in a java.lang.IllegalStateException. Likewise, invocations by beans that have not declared their transaction type to be bean-managed will result in an exception. The following sample XML describes a BMT session bean. Use something similar for your own EJB.
class Plane { // Constructor with a parameter public Plane(string newIdentifier) { Identifier = newIdentifier; } public string Identifier { get; private set; } double kilometersPerMile = 1.609344; public double SpeedInMilesPerHour { get { return SpeedInKilometersPerHour / kilometersPerMile; } set { SpeedInKilometersPerHour = value * kilometersPerMile; } } public double SpeedInKilometersPerHour { get; set; }
This also tends to be a viewport-related problem, and is likely to be less common than the graphic issue because a web client is already trying to adjust fonts to make them a reasonable size. Here are some possible solutions:
Figure 1-8. Seeing right through Visual Studio s tricks
Creates LineSeparator
Specifies how long the animation takes Defines the curve for how the animation occurs; ease was auto in previous versions of the iPhone OS Specifies how long to wait to start transition
You should approach static code analysis with caution. Turning on all the rules for an old project can be painful. You ll probably get hundreds of errors (especially if you re threading warnings as errors). From experience, we know that one reasonable solution is to go through the available rules, think about them, and turn on only the ones you re convinced are right for you. Keep in mind that, in most cases, you aren t writing something that must be as clean as .NET Framework. You want to get your job done as well as you can without generating too much additional cost. Using Code Analysis is fine, but what if it isn t included in your edition of Visual Studio, or you need it to run automatically on your CI server The answer is to use FxCop.
WPF and Silverlight allow any element to be animated most properties that have an impact on the appearance of the UI can be modified over time. Of course, you could achieve that yourself by setting up a timer, and modifying properties of UI elements each time the timer fires. But you can let the animation system do that work for you. A complete description of animation would fill a chapter, but Example 20-15 shows a typical example.
function SetElementPosition(theTextBoxInt){ var selectedPosX = 0; var selectedPosY = 0; var theElement = theTextBoxInt; if (!theElement) return; var theElemHeight = theElement.offsetHeight; var theElemWidth = theElement.offsetWidth;
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