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package bitterejb; import java.util.*; /** * Booking data transfer object. Immutable. */ public class BookingData implements java.io.Serializable { private final long date; // truly immutable private final String user; private int attendees; /** * Constructs a new Booking data transfer object. */ public BookingData(Date date, String user, int attendees) { this.date = date.getTime(); this.user = user; this.attendees = attendees; } /** * Gets the date of the booking. * @return A Date instance. */ public Date getDate() { return new Date(this.date); } /** * Gets the user that booked the trip. * @return The user's ID. */ public String getUser() { return this.user; } /** * Gets the number of attendees for this trip * booking. */ public int getAttendees() { return this.attendees; } }
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You can apply all mapping strategies to abstract classes and interfaces. Interfaces may have no state but may contain accessor method declarations, so they can be treated like abstract classes. You can map an interface using <class>, <subclass>, or <joined-subclass>; and you can map any declared or inherited property using
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Stateful Session EJB: FTP Client Example
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Note that some of the methods of the array are not standard JavaScript but have been defined by our extended array definition, which is discussed in appendix B. Notably, addListener() and removeListener() are simple to implement using the append() and remove() methods. Listener functions are invoked using the Function.call() method, whose first argument is the function context, and subsequent arguments (in this case the event) are passed through to the callee. The revised mousemat example is shown in listing 4.9.
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Hashtable env = new Hashtable(); //add env.put( env.put( env.put( security principal information into context environment Context.SECURITY_AUTHENTICATION, "simple" ); Context.SECURITY_PRINCIPAL, "my_username" ); Context.SECURITY_CREDENTIALS, "my_password" );
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The first thing we do in this class is create another Handler. From within it, we update a UI TextView based on data in the Message. Further on in the code, in the onCreate method, we call a local performRequest method when the Go button is clicked, and we pass a selected String representing a URL B. Inside the performRequest method, we use a static convenience method to return an HttpClient ResponseHandler, passing in the Android Handler that it ll use C. We ll examine the helper class next to get a look at exactly how this works, but the important part for now is that the ResponseHandler is created for us by the static
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UDPATE in the database is needed. One way to avoid this UDPATE statement is to configure the class mapping of Item with the select-before-update="true"
Programming model
eager fetching. See eager loading eager loading 320, 378, 470 EAO 577 Also see entity access object EAR 37, 391 Also see enterprise application archive Eclipse 659
11.2.3 Mapping an entity to a SQL Server database
The ScheduleExpression is used to programatically create a new javax.ejb.Timer via the javax.ejb.TimerService (we ll see both in a bit). Alternatively, it s possible to create new Timers in a declarative fashion via the @javax.ejb.Schedule annotation:
14: Application Settings
Add( ) AddRange( ) BinarySearch( ) Clear( ) Contains( ) CopyTo( ) Exists( ) Find( ) FindAll( ) GetEnumerator( ) GetRange( ) IndexOf( ) Insert( ) InsertRange( ) LastIndexOf( ) Remove( ) RemoveAt( ) RemoveRange( ) Reverse( ) Sort( ) ToArray( ) TrimExcess( )
Composite Pattern
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