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21: Reporting
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17.2.2 Adding the map programmatically
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Intermittent Network-Aware This model describes applications that require network communication for exchanging data and interacting with network services. However, this application has the ability to either fully or partially operate in the absence of a network connection. As with Persistent Network-Aware applications, Intermittent Network Aware applications can either be downloaded each time the application is requested by the user or permanently installed. If the application must be downloaded upon startup each time, the network connection must be available for this portion of the runtime. If the application is permanently installed, no network connection is required to perform most tasks, or the network-dependent tasks can be deferred until a connection is available. Identifying an application model will also help communicate design strategies to stakeholders during the early phases of the project. Defining a high-level application model assists everyone in understanding the important characteristics of the application and how applications and data will be loaded and synchronized. This model applies to any type of wireless network connection, which includes local area networks (such as an 802.11 wireless LAN) as well as a wireless connection to the public Internet. Figure 11.17 illustrates this application model.
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Listing 4.10 Binding to a Service within an Activity
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An example is shown in the SimpleTest class code:
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you have to choose the ones you want from the Create Unit Tests dialog box (see figure 6.10). If you choose to create the test in a new project (a wise decision), you need to name it in the next dialog box. In this case, call it CiDotNet.Calc.MSTest; a naming convention will turn out to be important in a minute. In the newly created project, you ll find a new class named after the class it will be testing, but with a Test suffix. The test method for the CalculateRate() method is shown next. Listing 6.5 A generated test method
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CHAPTER 4 document.add(table); table = createTable5(); document.add(table);
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namespace Example_11_1_ _ _ _Inheritance { public class Control { // these members are private and thus invisible // to derived class methods private int top; private int left; // constructor takes two integers to // fix location on the console public Control(int top, int left) { this.top = top; this.left = left; } // simulates drawing the control public void DrawControl( ) {
Figure 1.10 You ll create a CI process for an application consisting of one shared library with two UIs: Windows and web.
The default submit option for AcroForms is submit as FDF.
Listing 13.7 Preload JavaScript function
The @Basic annotation marks the property as not optional on the Java object level. The second setting, nullable = false on the column mapping, is only responsible for the generation of a NOT NULL database constraint. The Hibernate JPA implementation treats both options the same way in any case, so you may as well use only one of the annotations for this purpose. In a JPA XML descriptor, this mapping looks the same:
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