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Running version 2 of the project gives us our video player. Selecting a file from the list on the left will play it in the central area, complete with snazzy reflection over the shaded floor. Figure 6.14 shows what you should expect when firing up the application, selecting a directory, and playing a video (especially if you re a Mighty Reds fan).
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} function login() { myPortal.login( document.getElementById('username').value, document.getElementById('password').value ); }
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One-to-many associations
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18.3.4 Reducing repetitive formatting code
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How the Call Stack Works
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There is one more file created, with the same name as the solution file and an extension of .suo. This file contains developer-specific information relating to the web site, such as which files are displayed in the editing surface, which page is the start page for the web site, breakpoints, and so on. If this file is deleted, or otherwise missing, a new one is automatically created the next time the web site is opened in the IDE. Now that you know how the files that comprise a web site are organized, you will better understand how to copy a web site. There are at least two different ways to do this: inside the IDE and outside the IDE.
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This chapter covers
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Url.Action 27 UrlAuthorizationModule 250 UrlHelper 138 UrlRouteModule 349 UrlRoutingModule 248 250 URLs 301, 307 user input 22, 25 26, 28, 30, 32, 36, 51, 54 56 validation 215 user interface 40, 47 user interface layer 284 user sessions 101 UsersController 237 238
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It is possible to ask the browser for vendor and version number information, and it is common practice to use this information to branch the code based on browser type. Such practice is, in our opinion, prone to error, as it cannot anticipate future versions or makes of browser and can exclude browsers that are capable of executing a script. In our getXmlDocument() function, we don t try to guess the version of the browser but ask directly whether certain objects are available. This approach, known as object detection, stands a better chance of working in future versions of browsers, or in unusual browsers that we haven t explicitly tested, and is generally more robust.
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Bitter alternatives
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// EJB specification stuff below private SessionContext ctx; public void ejbActivate() { } public void ejbRemove() { } public void ejbPassivate() { } public void ejbCreate () throws CreateException { } public void setSessionContext(SessionContext ctx) { this.ctx = ctx; } }
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