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OnPhoneRings myDelegate = new OnPhoneRings(myMethod);
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What is a transaction
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Basic game development design patterns
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Alternatively, it can be looked up with the EJBContext.lookup() method using the ciphersPassphrase name.
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Animate() can take any argument that is a settable attribute. Can also be called with the aliases animate() and animateimage(). This only works for X11 displays.
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Note that all indexes into arrays in PGPLOT are 1-based, not 0-based. This is most likely due to the fact that the underlying library was originally written in Fortran, where arrays are always 1-based.
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9: Security and Personalization
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Hardware device with specific capabilities such as GPS, camera, Bluetooth, etc.
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All of the basic mapping types may appear almost anywhere in the Hibernate mapping document, on normal property, identifier property, and other mapping elements. The <id>, <property>, <version>, <discriminator>, <index> and <element> elements all define an attribute named type. You can see how useful the built-in mapping types are in this mapping for the BillingDetails class:
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SELECT PA.LastName + ', ' + PA.FirstName AS PatronName, PA.Barcode AS PatronBarcode, PC.DueDate, IC.CopyNumber, IC.Barcode AS ItemBarcode, NI.Title, CMT.FullName AS MediaName FROM Patron AS PA INNER JOIN PatronCopy AS PC ON PA.ID = PC.Patron INNER JOIN ItemCopy AS IC ON PC.ItemCopy = IC.ID INNER JOIN NamedItem AS NI ON IC.ItemID = NI.ID INNER JOIN CodeMediaType AS CMT ON NI.MediaType = CMT.ID WHERE PC.Returned = 0 AND PC.Missing = 0 AND IC.Missing = 0 ORDER BY NI.Title, IC.CopyNumber, PA.LastName, PA.FirstName
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sqlText = "SELECT ValueData FROM SystemValue WHERE " & _ "UPPER(ValueName) = " & DBText(UCase(valueName)) Try returnValue = DBGetText(ExecuteSQLReturn(sqlText)) Catch ex As Exception GeneralError("GetSystemValue", ex) End Try Return returnValue End Function Public Sub SetSystemValue(ByVal valueName As String, _ ByVal valueData As String) ' ----- Update a record in the SystemValue table. Dim sqlText As String Try ' ----- See if the entry already exists. sqlText = "SELECT COUNT(*) FROM SystemValue WHERE " & _ "UPPER(ValueName) = " & DBText(UCase(valueName)) If (CInt(ExecuteSQLReturn(sqlText)) > 0) Then ' ----- Value already exists. sqlText = "UPDATE SystemValue " & _ "SET ValueData = " & DBText(valueData) & _ " WHERE UPPER(ValueName) = " & _ DBText(UCase(valueName)) Else ' ----- Need to create value. sqlText = "INSERT INTO SystemValue " & _ (ValueName, ValueData) VALUES (" & _ DBText(valueName) & ", " & _ DBText(valueData) & ")" End If ' ----- Update the value. ExecuteSQL(sqlText) Catch ex As System.Exception GeneralError("SetSystemValue", ex) End Try End Sub
A.5.3 The Bitter Java organization
Console.WriteLine("ID: {0}\tQty: {1}\tProduct: {2}", order.OrderID, order.Quantity, order.Product.ProductName);
Transactions, concurrency, and caching
primary-key-join-column Used either for a one-to-one relationship or for joining secondary tables for an entity. It is equivalent to @PrimaryKeyJoinColumn annotation.
} private class DOMHandler { List<Field> mFieldList = new ArrayList<Field>(); Field mField; Field.Store mStore; Field.Index mIndex; Field.TermVector mVector; Float mBoost; public DOMHandler( org.w3c.dom.Document xmlDocument, Document document, LuceneOptions options ) { mStore = options.getStore(); mIndex = options.getIndex(); mVector = options.getTermVector(); mBoost = options.getBoost(); traverse( xmlDocument.getDocumentElement() ); for (Field field : mFieldList) { document.add( field ); } } private void traverse( Node node ) { if ( node == null ) {
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