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onblurHandler: function(e) { if ( this.textSuggest.suggestionsDiv.style.display == '' ) this.textSuggest.setInputFromSelection(); this.textSuggest.hideSuggestions(); }
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There s also a decrement operator, --, which subtracts one. This example is a statement, but you can also use the increment and decrement operators in the middle of an expression:
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Reverse geocoder output
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You can also assign this delegate by writing the shortened version:
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Next, this is the Hibernate mapping for this association:
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Sign up for a Google Maps API key, as described at http://code.google.com/ apis/maps/. Use that key to create a static map on your web server that creates a Google Map based on the arguments it s sent.
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log("ejbRemove called"); } public void ejbPassivate() { log("ejbPassivate called"); } public void setMessageDrivenContext(MessageDrivenContext ctx) { log("setMessageDrivenContext called"); this.mContext = ctx; } public void ejbCreate () throws CreateException { log("ejbCreate called - This is called " + "by Container when deploying bean"); } public void ejbActivate() { log("ejbActivate called"); } public void log(String s) { System.out.println(this.getClass().getName()+"::"+s); } public void onMessage(Message msg) { log("onMessage called"); } }
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Finally, you can ask Hibernate Search to project the Explanation object for all matching documents by using query.setProjection(FullTextQuery.EXPLANATION);. This approach is not recommended unless you know that the number of matching documents is limited (by using pagination, for example). Building an Explanation object is as expensive as executing the Lucene query. By reading chapter 12, you ll have a much better understanding of the Explanation object. We use it extensively to explain how a score is computed. You can also check Lucene in Action, which has a nice section on the subject.
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You want to provide an EJB client with the ability to start an asynchronous business method without the client using the Java Message Service (JMS).
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Acquires the EJBMetaData instance from the home object Uses the metadata to get the home and remote class objects
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If Not IsPostBack Then Trace.Write("Page_Load", "Not PostBack.")
InputStream (class, Java) 208, 212 InputStreamReader (class, Java) 178 instance functions 50 instance variables 50, 57 Integer (value type) 18, 20 integrated development environment. See IDE IntelliJ 316 interfaces (Java) 48, 58, 60, 87, 309, 311, 313 internationalization 26 Interpolator (class) 115 intersects() 196 IOException (class, Java) 77 iPhone 146 isInitialized() 53, 332 ISO-3166 (Country Code) 27 ISO-639.2 (Language Code) 27
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logical name you assign the EJB endpoint. It can be anything. The <wsdl-port> element maps the EJB endpoint deployment information to a specific WSDL <port> element in the WSDL document. <service-endpoint-interface> is the fully qualified name of the endpoint interface; it must be the same interface declared by the <service-endpoint> element for the EJB in the ejb-jar.xml file. <service-impl-bean> and its <ejb-link> element link the <port-component> to a specific EJB. The value of <ejb-link> must match the value of the EJB name, which is TravelAgentBean in this example.
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Case Account Customer Contract Concepts, metaphors, business domain Customer Account
Adds files to a Microsoft Visual SourceSafe repository.
22: Licensing Your Application
very quickly. idbags aren t used very often, but because of their support for a primary key, they are useful in isolated cases. With all of the collection types under our belt, let s look at populating a lazy collection.
Example A-31. Our solution to Exercise 12-2 (continued)
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