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Write access join point
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Proper .NET content licensing can mean the difference between marketplace dominance and financial bankruptcy. And I m just talking about trying to understand the license agreement that comes with Visual Studio. You still have to figure out a licensing method for your own application before you send it to your customers. Licensing and license agreements are an essential means of protecting the intellectual property you ve worked so hard to develop. How does licensing work The key is found in the roots of the word itself: license comes from li- (to tell a lie) and -cense (from cents as in pennies ). Together, these roots mean to tell lies about small units of currency. The confusion brought about in trying to figure out what this means keeps the bad guys perplexed and occupied long enough so that they don t steal your application. If this method doesn t work, there are software solutions, some of which I ll review in this chapter. Part of the discussion focuses on designing a licensing system that will appear in the Library Project. The .NET Framework does include classes for component licensing but they are primarily used for designers of controls used by other programmers within the Visual Studio IDE, and not for end-user applications. We will not be covering these licensing features in this chapter. If you re curious about such features, start by reading about the License Compiler (lc.exe) in the Visual Studio online help.
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Taming wild EJBs: performance and scalability
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The output looks like this:
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Non-SQLMap DAO implementations
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Although an iPhone has a native screen resolution of 480x320 pixels, web viewers won t see web pages laid out at that resolution. An iPhone allows a user to touch and tap around pages in a way somewhat similar to mousing, but it provides notable differences from a mouse interface. These differences highlight the final notable elements in the story of what makes the iPhone unique.
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Figure 9.1 With page tracing turned on, tracing statements appear in the trace information section at the bottom of the web page.
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The web: web views and internet protocols
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Understanding the ScriptManager
Electronics : Category Transient Persistent Cell Phones : Category Computer : Category Persistent by Reachability Desktop PCs : Category Monitors : Category
The purpose of this book is to talk about how to develop web pages and programs for the iPhone, yet web developers will have a baseline that they re starting from: those web pages that haven t been developed with the iPhone in mind but that are viewed there anyway. We divide these non-developed pages into two general categories. A web site is iPhone incompatible if the web developer has done no work to improve the site for the iPhone and it doesn t work very well. This may be due to a dependence on unsupported plug-ins like Flash and Java. It could also be due to the way in which CSS is used: a web site that uses a microscopically tiny font that s absolutely defined will be unreadable on the iPhone unless a user zooms and scrolls a lot. Very wide columns without viewport tags are another common reason for incompatibility. If you ve got an iPhone-incompatible site, that might be why you picked up this book: to figure out how to improve the look and feel of your existing web site for the iPhone. A web site is iPhone compatible if the web developer has done no work to improve the site for the iPhone and it sort of works anyway. It doesn t necessarily look that great, but at least it s usable, and so iPhone users won t actively avoid it. If you ve got an iPhone-compatible site, it s probably because you re already making good use of CSS and you understand a core concept of HTML: that it s a markup language in which you can t accurately control how things are viewed.
Make sure your Filter implementation is thread-safe when you enable caching.
Portrait Mode
Forms-Based Security |
Use the name element in the @WebService annotation to specify the name of the web service. If you don t specify the name element, the name of the bean class or interface will be used by default. This is the same as the name attribute in the portType tag in the WSDL. In our example, the server will use the name PlaceBidBean because of the following setting:
|D2|= 2.0972 +11.5262 =11.715 |Q|= 2.0972 +1.9212 = 2.844
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Spring and EJB proponents haven t always seen eye to eye. Spring adopters have more likely than not been burned by the weight of previous EJB specifications. In contrast, the EJB faithful have felt that the Spring folks have gone too far by moving away from an industry standard. This has created some fracturing in the Java community. Yet we still have to deal with the developer s insatiable desire to explore, understand, and solve hard problems. Hmmm where might this lead us We propose that this leads us to the reality that some in the Spring camp are interested in EJB 3. They would like to experiment with it, but they don t want to leave their newfound comfort zone of the Spring container. The staunch EJB camp may also be intrigued by the whole Spring movement. After all, this movement is still growing; there has to be something to it, doesn t there Then there s the third group: those who haven t used Spring or EJB. Which way should they go In the spirit of OSS, we hope the reader views this chapter as the extension of an olive branch. Given the popularity of the Spring framework, we want to demonstrate that it is possible to peacefully coexist to find the power in both options and use them effectively. We want to emphasize that EJB 3 is a specification and Spring is a framework. Although they are often characterized as two sides of the same coin, these two are not the same thing. In this chapter you ll learn how to use JPA entities and EJBs with Spring. We ll also throw in some tips for using both EJB 3 and Spring in your applications, with examples that show both Spring 1.2 and 2.0 features. This chapter does not cover how to use Spring itself. For a thorough beginner-to-advanced treatment of Spring, be sure to check out Spring in Action (2nd edition) by Craig Walls and Ryan Breidenbach (Manning, 2007). So what do you think Are you ready to get EJB 3 and Spring working together
2.2.2 An EJB 3 based solution
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