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Now let s modify the JoinPointTraceAspect aspect, as shown in listing 4.2. Instead of printing the string representation of thisJoinPoint that showed only the signature and kind of the join point, we want it to print the join point s dynamic information, which is the this object, the target object, and the arguments at the join point, as well as its static information, which consists of the signature, the kind, and the source location of the join point in the before advice. We will also limit the trace join points for the purpose of limiting the output.
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@Column(name="PICTURE") @Lob @Basic(fetch=FetchType.LAZY) public byte[] getPicture() { return picture; }
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6.5 Summary
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Message-Driven Beans
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Creating mapping definitions
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Just because your database is in the cloud and you don t have to manage the disks doesn t mean you don t have to back up your data. It s true that SQL Azure provides a robust and reliable platform for your data. It stores your data in multiple copies and load balances requests across those copies. In some cases, this might be enough to meet your disaster recovery needs. But remember that, regardless of the vendor, there isn t any service in the cloud that protects you from stupid, there s no service that makes a bad application work correctly, and there s no platform that can fix bad decisions. What it can do is make them stupider, badder, and break faster, for less money. Don t be lulled into complacency by the scale and redundancy the cloud gives you. You still need to think of the risks to
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Persisting a transient object with Hibernate is as simple as saving it with the Session instance:
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Table 6.2 Effects of transaction attributes on EJB methods Caller Transaction Exists No Yes REQUIRES_NEW No Yes Effect Container creates a new transaction. Method joins the caller s transaction. Container creates a new transaction. Container creates a new transaction and the caller s transaction is suspended. No transaction is used. Method joins the caller s transaction. javax.ejb.EJBTransactionRequiredException is thrown. Method joins the caller s transaction. No transaction is used. The caller s transaction is suspended and the method is called without a transaction. No transaction is used. javax.ejb.EJBException is thrown.
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In this snippet, the advice no longer declares that it will throw ConcernCheckedException since the advice consumes the exception thrown by concernLogic(). This is often undesirable since the higher-level caller may need to be aware of the failure condition so that it can make an informed choice in dealing with it. A
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Deploying and unit testing
The complete Hibernate mapping catalog
As you can see, there s an entry for XObjects, and it tells you that /img0 can be found in object 1: the stream containing the image bytes. Note that I omitted some of the other types of resources, such as references to the fonts that were used. In the previous chapter, you learned how to translate, scale, and rotate Image objects, but adding an image to the direct content gives you more power: using the CTM, you can create any two-dimensional transformation you want.
JavaScript doesn t support interfaces and enumerations, but the Microsoft Ajax Library simulates these constructs using functions as it does classes. The pattern is similar: You declare a function and then upgrade it to an interface or an enumeration using the registerInterface or registerEnum method, respectively. In the same manner as registerClass, these methods store in a function various pieces of information that allow them to be treated as interfaces or enumerations rather than as simple functions. Let s start by examining interfaces; enumerations will follow.
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