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does not have to be the case. Since these values can be whatever the developer chooses, their ratio could actually be reduced with a high match count. To demonstrate this we ll look at the coord(int overlap, maxOverlap) calculation and how changing it can affect document scoring. Listing 12.6 is the query code we re going to use for this example.
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5: Branching
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Optimizing fetching and caching
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Other technologies
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8.2.1 Implementing CMP
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HTMLWorker will parse this snippet to a java.util.List of Paragraph and com.itextpdf.text.List objects. Figure 9.10 compares the HTML file opened in Firefox with
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J2ME Persistent Storage (Price Quote Data)
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Modal dialogs are useful for editing some record that requires a click on the OK button when changes are complete. Let s say you were writing an application that displayed a list of books by Alexandre Dumas. It might include two forms: (1) a parent form that displays the list of books; and (2) a child form that lets you type the name of a single book. Wouldn t it be great if you could return the name of the book (or, perhaps, an ID number of a record for the book as stored in a database) instead of a DialogResult value If the ShowDialog method, a public method of the underlying Form class, can return a result code, perhaps we can add another public method to a form that will return a result code that has actual meaning. Indeed, we can. Consider the child form (named BookEntry) with a data entry field (BookTitle), and OK (ActOK) and Cancel (ActCancel) buttons, as shown in Figure 7-10.
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A Map object allows the use of any object as a key. The only constraints are that it must override the equals() and hashCode() methods of the object. In the case of a Hibernate entity, the easiest way to define equals() and hashCode() is to use the primary key.2 Instead of using an unsorted Set of Speakers, you want to store them according to a Room object. Since you want to use Room as a key, you must override both methods as well:
<%= expression %>
Conditional Branching Statements |
As each keystroke comes into the KeyDown event handler, the Select Case statement examines it. When a matching Case entry is found, the code within the Case block executes. Pressing the F2 key triggers the code in the Case Keys.F2 block. Keys is one of the many built-in enumerations that you can use in your .NET applications. Notice the special code for the F4 key. It allows the Alt-F4 key combination to exit the application, which is the standard key combination for exiting Windows programs. Normally, all keystrokes go to the active control, not to the form. To enable the
You have the TreeView controls loaded now, but there are still a lot of events to handle in this example. First, the user might click Cancel, Copy, Clear, or Delete. Second, the user might fire events in either TreeView. We ll consider the TreeView events first, as they are the more interesting, and potentially the more challenging.
When you click the Configuration tab, you see the options shown in figure 4.6. There are three sections on this page: .NET Trust Level, Instances, and Startup Action. We ll be looking at these sections in more detail later in the book, but for the moment let s have a quick introduction to them.
Insert code from listing 3.3
A class offering a few high-level operations as selections from the subsystems
3.5.3 Application frameworks
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