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Often, you will find that you want to take one set of actions when the condition tests true, and a different set of actions when the condition tests false. This allows you to write logic such as If you are over 25 years old, then you may rent a car; otherwise, you must take the train. The otherwise portion of the logic follows the else statement. For example, you can modify Example 5-2 to print an appropriate message whether or not valueOne is greater than valueTwo, as shown in Example 5-5.
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public void onDestroy() { super.onDestroy(); if (!isFinishing()) { Intent ret = new Intent(); ret.putExtra(AppWidgetManager.EXTRA_APPWIDGET_ID,widgetId); setResult(Activity.RESULT_CANCELED,ret); }
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Copying pages from existing PDF documents Listing 6.9
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Bit Fields with [Flags]
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We reflect this structure in two C# collections: one for the information about the limits and the number of positions, and one for the actual Handler objects used at runtime. The collections are:
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What are push notifications
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This hierarchy of objects is depicted in figure 15.1. The tab bar controller and its associated view controllers are the heart of this setup. Essentially the tab bar controller switches off between different pages, each of which uses a view controller to manage its events. In Xcode you d have to create and hook up these view controllers by hand, while in Interface Builder (which is what we ll be using) it s automated. In either case, you ll need to fill in the controllers views once your controllers are ready to go. The tab bar itself is created automatically when you instantiate a tab bar controller. It displays a set of radio buttons that go at the bottom of the page. Each of those buttons is a tab bar item (which Interface Builder also creates automatically). Each tab bar item then links to an individual view controller. Usually you shouldn t have to mess with the tab bar at all; you can do all the modifications you require through either the tab bar controller or the view controllers. The connection between the tab bar controller and its tab bar is a simple delegation, as we ve seen in use in previous chapters. The tab bar has a delegate property that is hooked up to the controller, which must respond to the UITabBarDelegate protocol. The tab bar controller can also designate a delegate. The controller s delegate must follow the UITabBarControllerDelegate protocol. This protocol requires response to two types of high-level events: when the tab bar is rearranged and when a view controller is selected.
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Once you ve learned about lines, you ve just got one other fundamental drawing tool in Canvas: the curve. Three different curve commands are available to you: the arc (which is available through two different methods), the quadratic curve, and the Bezier curve. These are summarized in table 6.2.
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Collections and Polymorphism
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In addition to the Windows Azure platform AppFabric product, there s also an on-premises product known as Windows Server AppFabric. This is a completely different product set, which currently includes AppFabric Caching (formerly Velocity) and AppFabric Service Workflow and Management (formerly Dublin). Although these services aren t currently part of the Windows Azure platform (PDC 2009), you can expect them to appear at some point. Depending on when you re reading this book, they could be available right now. Alternatively, you could be reading this in the far future (relative to PDC 2009) and there s no need for this technology because we re all plugged in to the Matrix.
Filtering records In a similar fashion to the RecordComparator, the RMS API provides a record filtering interface that allows any object to serve as a strainer for records in a record store. The RecordFilter interface requires its implementing object to implement 145
The modem driver communicates with the Modem to facilitate the HTTP connection and protocol request
<%@ taglib prefix="c" uri="" %> Event Name: <c:out value="${}"/><br/> Event Date: <c:out value="${}"/><br/> Event Speakers: <br/> <c:forEach var="speaker" items="${event.speakers}"> Speaker Name: <c:out value="${speaker.firstName}"/> <c:out value="${speaker.lastName}"/><br/> </c:forEach>
Listing 2.20
Ant uses XML to describe the build, so it is a highly XML-centric build tool. It can also process XML during the build. Validating XML is the obvious first step; the <xmlvalidate> task enables you to ensure that your XML is well formed and matches the DTD or XSD description of the file. The <xslt> task enables you to transform XML during the build. This lets you store content in XML form and then dynamically generate HTML, WML, or JSP pages from it. The <xslt> task is a very powerful tool, but you first have to put in the effort to learn XSL. Ant itself can generate an XML version of its build log; this can be transformed using XSL to produce a readable HTML file. Ant could then perform some followon action, such as copying the file to a local web server, or emailing it to the development team.
Listing 5.4 Two configurations, depending on test or production environment
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