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Following is a full listing of all source code used in this runnable example.
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property into the DAO layer (see chapter 10) and call the appropriate select statement based on the parentCategoryId s null state. Although handling this simple example without Dynamic SQL would not have inconvenienced us that much, the real value of Dynamic SQL becomes evident when several different combinations of properties result in an exponential growth of statement possibilities. By using Dynamic SQL, we increase mapped statement reuse and avoid having to write multiple static SQL statements. Now that we have gained a good context for the usage and power of Dynamic SQL, let s delve deeper into exploring all the tags and their attributes.
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The processing will not succeed. (Document 1) Document traduit. (Document 2) Spellchecked document. (Document 2) Repaginated document. (Document 2) Highlighting 'millennium' (Document 2) Document traduit. (Document 3) Spellchecked document. (Document 3) Repaginated document. (Document 3)
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MDBs are pooled, and the pool size is usually configured using vendor-specific deployment descriptors. Improper sizing of MDB pools may degrade perfor-
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The full similarity equation for a query Q, documents i, and terms j is given in equation 12.4.
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Working with existing PDFs
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<message name="getIssuesListRequest"> Inbound/Outbound <part name="arg0" type="xsd:string" /> message definitions </message> for our RPC service <message name="getIssuesListResponse"> <part name="return" type="dom:org.w3c.dom.Document" /> </message>
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<class name="User" table="USER"> <id name="id" column="USER_ID" type="long"> <generator class="native"/> </id> <property name="loginName" column="LOGIN" type="string"/> <component name="homeAddress" class="Address"> <property name="street" type="string" column="HOME_STREET" not-null="true"/> <property name="city" type="string" column="HOME_CITY" not-null="true"/>
This method simply finds the reference to the appropriate form through the lookup field and changes its onsubmit to a function that returns true. This allows the search request to be submitted back to the server in an explicit way. Then the
Table 3.1 Sun s JDK 1.3.1 javac compared to Ant s wrapper <javac> task. Note the similarities between all of the parameters. Also note Ant s way of using domain-specific terminology for concepts such as classpath. This fundamental concept of specifying a build in a higher-level language is one of Ant s greatest benefits over any other alternative to building Java projects. (continued) Option Name JDK s javac switch Ant s <javac> syntax <classpath> <pathelement location="lib/some.jar"/> </classpath> <src path="src"/> <bootclasspath /> <extdirs /> destdir="build" encoding=" " target="1.1" source="1.4"
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directory. For the moment, leave the file empty. This will be the Ant build file for your Event Calendar program. Let s do a quick check to be sure you re on track. If all is well, you should have a directory structure that looks like this.
Figure 5-2. Factory Method pattern illustration avocado sourcing
Link to local named destination
Developing with the Table service
public Customer getCustomer() { return _customer; } }
root.addContent( newIssues ); XMLOutputter xmlOut = new XMLOutputter(); xmlOut.output( bugDoc, new FileOutputStream( new File("config/mydomain/applications/book/" + fileName) ) ); return bugDoc; } catch (Exception e) { System.out.println("Error in update bug list bean." + e.getMessage()); } return null; } }
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