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Executing the Lucene query is very efficient and cheap. Running it three times won t have a significant impact on response time. The application code is more type-safe, cleaner, and easier to read. This argument should be your main concern.
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static Plane() { Console.WriteLine("Plane static constructor"); }
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It may seem a bit weird for the locations of these EDM resources to be in a connection string. It might seem more natural for the XML to use a separate attribute for each one. However, as you ve seen, the System.Data.EntityClient namespace conforms to the ADO.NET v1 model so that it s possible for old-style data access code to perform queries against the EDM. Since the ADO.NET v1 model includes an assumption that it s possible to put all the information defining a particular data source into a single connection string, the Entity Framework has to follow suit. And since the EF cannot function without the XML EDM definitions, the connection string has to say where those live.
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Part 3 Advanced applications of AspectJ
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The setter seems to provide an invisible parameter called value, which is also of type double. So it is equivalent to a method with this signature:
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Table 2.1 The most important tools included in the SDK are found in the bin directory. Purpose This tool loads the local development fabric. You ll see the icon appear in your systray. Use this tool to manually create deployment packages to upload to the Azure portal when you re ready to run your application in the cloud. This tool lets you deploy a package generated by CSpack to run on the local development fabric. This script starts the management UI for the local development fabric. Use this tool to run the initialization needed for the Development storage service on a new SQL instance. If you re using SQL Server Express, the initialization is usually run once, on first startup. You ll need to run this yourself if you re running a local instance of SQL Server. This tool is located in the devstore subdirectory, under the bin folder.
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In this section, you ll put together an application that retrieves and works with remote services like the Microsoft Virtual Earth map and the Yahoo! Geocoding APIs. This practice of pulling together content and data from other remote services into a single application is sometimes referred to as a mashup. Figure 5.9 shows the mashup application in action.
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Looking at the JDBC DAO implementation Because of the size of the JDBC DAO implementation, we will not be looking at the entire class here, but we focus on some of the tricks used to build it. The first thing that we do is build our DAO by extending the JdbcDaoTemplate class provided by iBATIS. By doing that, we get to be a little lazy, because it manages the connection for us which means we do not have to close it in our code. While that may seem like a trivial matter, failing to manage connections correctly in a large system will cripple it in a matter of hours (if not minutes). That brings us to our next code-saving tip, which is creating methods to help manage the other resources we need to use:
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David Hemphill 555-555-5555 ID 6633 Grass Seed 248 Sunflower Seeds
You want to set up your EJBs to use container-managed persistence (CMP).
Occurs when the transaction was successful. At this point, you should deliver the content to the user and record the transaction history. SKPaymentTransactionStateFailed The transaction may fail for a number of reasons, including insufficient funds or a network error. If this is the case, you need to notify the user that their purchase wasn t completed. SKPaymentTransactionStateRestored Occurs when the user has already purchased an item. If this is the state of the transaction, you should deliver the content to the user as if it was a new transaction. Now that you ve implemented this driver method, you need to implement each of the response methods that it calls. Add the code from listing 18.9 to your RootViewController.m file.
12.1.3 Minimizing large term count effects
@org.hibernate.annotations.CollectionOfElements @JoinTable( name = "ITEM_IMAGE", joinColumns = @JoinColumn(name = "ITEM_ID") ) @org.hibernate.annotations.MapKey( columns = @Column(name="IMAGENAME") ) @Column(name = "FILENAME") private Map<String, String> images = new HashMap<String, String>();
Equals( ) GetHashCode( ) GetType( ) ToString( ) Finalize( )
public List<Item> searchItemWithinDistributor(String search, Distributor distributor) { FullTextSession ftSession = SessionHolder.getFullTextSession(); org.apache.lucene.search.Query luceneQuery = buildLuceneQuery( search ); FullTextQuery query = ftSession.createFullTextQuery( luceneQuery, Item.class ); query.enableFullTextFilter( "security" ); query.enableFullTextFilter( "WarnerDistributor" ); List results = query.list(); return results; } @Entity @Indexed Declare filters on any @Table(name="PRODUCTS") of the indexed entities @FullTextFilterDefs( { @FullTextFilterDef(name="WarnerDistributor", impl=WarnerDistributorFilterFactory.class), @FullTextFilterDef(name="distributor", impl=DistributorFilterFactory.class), @FullTextFilterDef(name="security", impl=SecurityFilter.class) } )
Returns results
In this section, you ll persist an event and make sure it works for saves and loads correctly. Listing 10.3 contains the test method. Listing 10.3 TestEvent.java, with a testPersists() method which verifies that an Event saves and loads correctly
* denotes any number of characters except the period. .. denotes any number of characters including any number of periods. + denotes any subclass or subinterface of a given type.
Improving entity performance
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