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tainer pane. The private variables control the drag and the animation effect:
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3: Introducing the Project
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If the flush mode is set to COMMIT, the persistence provider will only synchronize with the database when the transaction commits. However, you should be careful with this, as it will be your responsibility to synchronize entity state with the database before executing a query. If you don t do this and an EntityManager query returns stale entities from the database, the application can wind up in an inconsistent state. In reality, resetting flush mode is often overkill. This is because you can explicitly flush the EntityManager when you need to, using the flush method as follows:
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if ( valueThree > valueTwo ) { Console.WriteLine("ValueThree: {0} larger than ValueTwo: {1}", valueThree, valueTwo); Console.WriteLine("Good thing you tested again!"); }
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This will work for most regular fonts, and for many of the fancier fonts. It might work less reliably for nonwestern font encodings and character sets. Note that simply getting the bounding box of a string containing only a single space does not work.
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10.3.3 Runtime configuration changes
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In case you noticed the odd spacing in this code: I often vertically align the brackets around the arguments to OpenGL function calls, because I find it slightly more legible. Some people think it s awful.
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protected void rptWebParts_ItemDataBound( object sender, RepeaterItemEventArgs e) { XmlNode node = (XmlNode) e.Item.DataItem; string typeName = node.Attributes["typeName"].Value; HtmlAnchor btn = (HtmlAnchor)e.Item.FindControl("clickme"); btn.Attributes.Add( "onclick", "CloseCatalogDialog(\"" + this.hdnPostBackReference.Value + "\", \"" +
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< xml version="1.0" > <project name="makefile" default="all"> <target name="all"> <javac srcdir="."/> <jar destfile="project.jar" includes="*.class" /> </target> </project>
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Distributor Application
Creating a named query instance As we discussed earlier, named queries are globally scoped. You can create a named query instance from any component that has access to the persistence unit to which the entity belongs. You must have an open EntityManager instance to create a named query instance. To use a named query stored on the entity, you invoke the EntityManager.createNamedQuery method, passing the name of the desired named query as the parameter. In the previous example when we created the stored query, we stored the findAllCategories named query in the Category entity. Creating a named query from that stored query is as easy as this:
Figure 10-8. Basic data retrieved from a database
6: Style Sheets, Master Pages, and Navigation
<string name="set_alarm_text">Set Alarm</string> <string name="alarm_message">Alarm Fired</string>
Before doubling: First number: 5, Second number: 10 After doubling: First number: 10, Second number: 20
#pagetasks { background-color: #eeeeee; color: #333333; text-align: left ; border-bottom: 1px solid #cccccc; }
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