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Double-click or run the downloaded Programming Visual Basic 2008.exe file. When prompted, indicate the target directory to use for the installation of all project files. Once the files are extracted, a readme file appears describing the final installation steps.
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WebClient offers the UploadString, UploadData, and UploadFile methods. These correspond directly to the DownloadString, DownloadData, and DownloadFile methods, but instead of fetching data with an HTTP GET, they send data to the server, typically using an HTTP POST, although overloads are available that let you specify other verbs, such as PUT.
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Array Boundaries
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In table 7.2, we map the join points used by the template solution to specific join points in database connection pooling.
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method: HttpRequest.GET; Method and location: "{REST} {createArgList(args)}"; address onResponseCode: function(code:Integer) { Initial if(code!=200 and onFailure!=null) response onFailure("HTTP code {code}"); } onException: function(ex:Exception) { I/O error if(onFailure!=null) onFailure(ex.toString()); } onInput: function(ip:InputStream) { Success! def fr = FlickrResult {}; def parser = PullParser { documentType: PullParser.XML; input: ip; Create and call onEvent: fr.xmlEvent; XML parser }; parser.parse(); parser.input.close(); if(onSuccess!=null) onSuccess(fr); } }; http.start(); } }
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Pattern Comparison
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Listing 3.2 Including a class inside a package
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Due to execution restrictions and environment, you have to take specific factors into account when developing and deploying an applet from which you want to invoke an EJB. The simple applet in listing 1.17 contacts a session bean to start a business function.
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Property Mappings
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The opening select tag B use aliases to define our parameter class type as productSearch and the result class type as product. The SQL fragment C is the most minimal portion of SQL that could be used for example, in case the user simply wanted to perform a search that returned everything. The <isEqual> tag D is used outside of the dynamic fragment to determine if a join is needed. We use the opening dynamic tag E, which has a prepend value of WHERE. If no content results in its body, then the WHERE value specified in the prepend attribute will be ignored. As a reminder, the dynamic tag also implicitly removes the prepend value of the first content-producing tag in its body. The <iterate> tag F is the thing to note because it works hand in hand with the dynamic tag E to make available all the necessary SQL components that will provide search constraints around certain categories. The prepend attribute is needed on the <iterate> tag because of a current issue in iBATIS. Content produced by the first nested tag is not counted as the first prepend and will cause the prepend of the next tag to be ignored. As a rule, be sure to specify the prepend attribute even if the tag will never need it. The productName, productDescription, itemName, and itemDescription properties are evaluated with the <isNotEmpty> tag to determine if they have a value other than '' (empty) or NULL.
20: Printing
Read the original image and get its size
Doing so not only saves three lines of code, but is also arguably more object oriented our system is working mainly with domain model instances instead of passing around identifier values. Furthermore, this code would be quicker, since it saves two SQL SELECT queries that uselessly reload data. How can we achieve this simplification using Hibernate
C++, mixing with Objective-C 17 CABasicAnimation 268 269 CAEAGL 270 CALayer 214, 266 267 Calendar, communicating directly with 364 calloutOffset 337 camera resource usage 217 specifications 9 support, checking for 241 video support 241 camera roll 355 canBecomeFirstResponder 98 cancel method, of MKReverseGeocoder 333 canResignFirstResponder 98 canShowCallout 337 Canvas, grid starting point 43 cartouche, list used by preference lists 142 category 24 in Objective-C 18 CATransform3DMakeAffineTransform 269 cell views 82 center property of UIView 43 centerCoordinate 331 centerOffset 337 certificate 374 375 CFArrayCount 178 CFBundle 147 CFFTPStream 272 CFHost 273 CFHTTPMessage 272 CFHTTPStream 272 CFNetServices 272 CFNetwork 272 CFRelease 178 CFRetain 178
If you did the examples in 20, you should already have the Northwind database installed and attached on your machine. If not, turn back to 20 for detailed instructions.
Sends search request to Yahoo API
package org.jboss.ejb3.examples.ch17.transactions.entity; import javax.persistence.CascadeType; import javax.persistence.Entity; import javax.persistence.OneToOne; import org.jboss.ejb3.examples.testsupport.entity.IdentityBase; /** * Entity representing a user of the poker service * * @author <a href="">ALR</a> * @version $Revision: $ */ @Entity public class User extends IdentityBase { //--------------------------------------------------------------------------|| // Instance Members --------------------------------------------------------|| //--------------------------------------------------------------------------|| /** * Name of the user */ private String name; /** * The user's poker account */ @OneToOne(cascade = CascadeType.PERSIST) private Account account; //--------------------------------------------------------------------------|| // Accessors / Mutators ----------------------------------------------------|| //--------------------------------------------------------------------------|| /** * @return the name */ public String getName() { return name; }
try { java.lang.String value = null; String searchTerm="test2";; value = binding.getLastSearchTerm(); assertEquals(searchTerm,value); } catch (java.rmi.RemoteException re) { throw new junit.framework. AssertionFailedError("Remote Exception caught: " + re); } }
When method names differ from action names, we can no longer use expressionbased URL generators. Without compile-time verification, URL generation is more easily susceptible to subtle refactoring and renaming errors. This can be alleviated by introducing global constants for action names, but it still creates a string-based system with another level of indirection between action methods and action names that isn t needed in many cases. In short, unless there s no other way, don t use ActionNameAttribute. In most applications, we re better served adhering to the convention that action names match action method names.
Sys.Net.WebRequestExecutor.prototype.checkError = function() { var e = null;
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